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How to make your hands soft and beautiful?- Easy tips for daily care.

Updated on September 4, 2013
Beautiful hands
Beautiful hands
Hand Spa
Hand Spa
Hand exercises
Hand exercises
Pamper your hands
Pamper your hands
Wash dishes with gloves on
Wash dishes with gloves on
Wear gloves while gardening.
Wear gloves while gardening.

Lovely hands!

Do you know that your hands and neck show signs of aging very early? Hands are the most overworked part of your body and most neglected too. When you do not take care of your hands, it looks wrinkled and shriveled. You don’t want your hands to look like that, do you?

Moisturize regularly

The skin around your hands tends to become dry very soon. You use soaps and detergents for washing clothes and liquids to wash dishes. The harsh chemicals they contain can drain you skin of natural oils and make it very dried up. So moisturizing is very essential to make your hands supple and soft.

After finishing your work, splash a liberal amount of nourishing cream in your hands and massage it into your skin. Leave it for at least half an hour and wash it with mild soap. Then apply a good hand lotion. You should never forget to apply a good nourishing hand cream on your hands before you sleep. It will help your hands to retain the moisture after a hard day’s work.


It is not enough if you exfoliate your face. Your hands also have dead cells and you should scrub regularly to remove it. Dead Sea salt is excellent for exfoliating your skin. Take the juice of one lemon and add one teaspoon of salt to it. Apply in your hands and scrub it gently. Wash your hands with besan powder. Apply some moisturizing immediately after you exfoliate.

Your hands need packs too.

  • Take one spoon of besan powder. Add the pulp of fresh aloe Vera to it. Add one spoon of lemon juice. Add one spoon of honey. Make a smooth paste and apply in your hands. Allow it to dry and wash thoroughly.
  • Take one tablespoon of papaya pulp, add one teaspoon of barley powder, add one teaspoon of fuller’s earth and blend well. Apply over your hands and wash when it dries.
  • Mix the pulp of papaya, guava, and tomato and add one tablespoon of besan powder to give it a thick consistency. Apply it all over your hands and wash after it completely dries out.

Small exercises for hands

  • Clench your hands tightly for five minutes and release slowly. Stretch your fingers to the maximum. Repeat it ten times. You can do this while you are watching TV, in your work place or in any of your free time. It makes your hands feel very supple.
  • Take a ball and squeeze it tightly as though you were trying to squeeze the air out of it. Relax your fingers and repeat. Do it ten times.
  • Lift your hands up and shake it vigorously and feel the fresh blood rushing in.

Extra care for hands

You should take care of your nails to give your hands the finishing touch of beauty. Peeled nail polish, broken and unshaped nails make your hands look very bad and unkempt. Pamper your hands with a good manicure to make it even more beautiful.

Simple ways to a good manicure

  • Remove old nail polish
  • Take a bowl of warm water.
  • Add juice of one lime.
  • One teaspoon of mild shampoo
  • Soak your hands for ten minutes.
  • Pat dry your hands
  • Shape your nails to a perfect oval.
  • Clean under the nails with an orange stick
  • Remove the cuticles
  • Exfoliate your hands with coarsely powdered almond and walnut.
  • Massage your hands with a good moisturizer.
  • Dry your nails completely and apply nail polish

Extra tips for hand care

Always wear gloves while you are gardening and also while you are washing dishes. The dirt while you are gardening might cause blisters in your hands and the harsh chemicals in the soaps and liquids can dry your hands.

Sunscreen is good for your hands also. Always use creams and moisturizers specially made for hands. Remove hair in your hands to finish your beauty regimen.

You should start to take care of your hands when you are in teens so that your hands always look good. Wrinkles in hands are very hard to remove and so you should be regular in your hand care. You always concentrate on your face and forget that your hands can add beauty to your total appearance if you take care of it properly.


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