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How to Make Your Makeup Look Instagram Perfect

Updated on January 15, 2019
Ruby N Crawford profile image

Ruby is a makeup artist who is extremely well versed in finding the best tricks and tips for your ideal makeup look.

Your foundation routine may not be your best bet!

Majority of people I talk to say they have trouble with making their foundation look flawless. Whenever I ask them if they follow the critical steps to amazing base make up the answer is always "No" or "what's that?". In this article, you will find many different ways to fix your foundation routine to achieve your best look yet!

If you've been having issues with your foundation and your base makeup these tips will help you to create a new routine that will make your base look just like you see in pictures.


Before using foundation

Before you use your foundation there are 3 things you should do.

1. Wash your face and do your full routine.

2. Apply serums that will brighten your face.

3. Apply a facial primer.

By following these 3 steps you've created a base that not only has shielded your face from dirt and getting the foundation in your pores you've also just created a flat surface, when using a primer it will help to smooth out your skin and create an even canvas for your foundation. This is step 1 to a perfect base.

Now for foundation

After following the before foundation steps, now would be a good time to figure out how to apply foundation. For flawless looking skin liquid foundation must be applied to the skin. Applying foundation should be done in 1 of 2 ways. With a beauty sponge or with a brush.

If you have acne or texture on your skin a beauty sponge will be the best applicator for you. The sponge will apply minimal abrasion to these areas therefore not causing them to swell or become enlarged. When applying with a sponge the best way to do it is as follows:

  1. Dampen your sponge with water and squeeze out excess water.
  2. Portion foundation out your hand or beauty tray.
  3. Apply foundation with the sponge slowly bouncing the sponge across your face starting with the forehead and working your way down. Do not ever use swiping motions with a sponge this will cause a splotchy base.

With a brush, the process is similar but much easier, with more pigmented skin, uneven skin tones, and smooth skin a brush is the best applicator to use. The process of using a foundation brush is as follows.

  1. Apply foundation to the back of hand or beauty tray.
  2. Dab the brush in the foundation and in soft stippling motions apply the foundation from forehead to neck, do not drag the brush this will cause uneven lines and streaks in the foundation.


Match your foundation

Always match your foundation to your skin, the best way is to compare the foundation shade to your collar bone or your neck. If your face is a different shade from your body you can match the shade to your body and blend down your neck.

Powder is important

There are many different types of powders. After applying your foundation you need to set it with powder, this dries the foundation and gives you a better base for your blush and your bronzer. Translucent loose setting powder can be used to set the foundation and anywhere your face may crease to keep your makeup looking fresh longer. Baking is when translucent powder is applied with a beauty sponge and set in one area such as areas where concealer was applied or where the face creases (smiles lines, crows feet, etc.).Always only do translucent powder, not foundation powder.


Concealer tip

Your concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your foundation. After applying concealer it should be set with translucent powder after blending.



  1. Prime your faces before foundation.
  2. Use the right application for your foundation.
  3. Set your face with translucent powder, not foundation powder.
  4. Never swipe across your face always stipple and dab with your applicator.


Here are a few extra tips to live your Instagram dreams!

  1. When applying bronzer or contour go from your ear to about halfway across your cheek.
  2. Apply blush after bronzer directly above doing the same process.
  3. Apply highlighter from the cheekbone to the temple.
  4. Use a setting spray to set the powder into the foundation and make everything blend seamlessly.
  5. Always do your eye makeup before your face makeup.

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© 2019 Ruby Napier


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