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How to make your own custom nail polish

Updated on November 7, 2012

Nail polish

Nail polish

There are many reasons to make your own nail polish. It can be hard to find the color you are looking for. You might just have some left over makeup you want to find some use for. You could even be like me. After noticing the price of nail polish was going way up I started looking for an inexpensive alternative. Either way there is an easy inexpensive and sometimes even free way to make your very own custom nail polish. Making your own costs less than the brands you buy at the store and you get way more variety when it comes to colors.

Clear nail polish

Eye shadow

What you will need

To make your own nail polish you only need a couple of things and they are all listed bellow.

  • Clear nail polish

This can be found at just about any dollar store. You can also use any left over nail polish you may have. I have even used some left over nail hardener that had a pink tint to it. As long as it is mostly clear it will work.

  • Powdered makeup

This could be anything from blush to eye shadow. This can be found at the dollar store too. I like to use left over colors that I don't use anymore. Another great idea is to use a tiny bit of your usual eye shadow so it will match your eye make up

  • Small plastic surface you don't mind getting nail polish on

Paint trays work great if you have any laying around. I use plastic from my recycling bin. As long as it is plastic it will work. You can also clean off the surface with nail polish with remover when you are done.

  • Something you can use as a funnel

I personally role paper into a funnel shape but if you have a real funnel this will work even better. You can get funnels at the dollar store.

  • Something to stir

I use tooth picks because they are small and disposable. Old paint brushes work really well as long as the are small

  • Glitter is optional

You can use glittery makeup shimmer powders and left over craft glitter. You can choose what ever kind of sparkle you like.

Different eye shadow colors

choosing the eye shadow or other makeup

What ever powder you choose just be sure that you can chop it up finely. You want the powder to stay be a fine powder if it is to thick it will make your nail polish clumpy. The colors will turn out differently depending on what you use. If it is a metallic color then it will appear more shimmery and less bold. Matte colors of eye shadow will show up as bolder nail polish colors. You can always mix colors to create your own. There are no limits really so you can get creative.

How to make the polish

The steps you need to take to make the polish once you have everything you will be needing is listed below.

  • Take the clear nail polish and pour out a small amount onto your plastic surface.
  • Then pour a small amount of the powder you chose.
  • Use the tooth pick or other mixing tool to stir the two together
  • If you like the color you can try it out.
  • If you decide to make a whole bottle then use the funnel to pour the eye shadow into the nail polish bottle
  • Seal the bottle and shake well to make sure it gets mixed all the way.
  • Save until you are ready to use it.
  • You can add the sparkles the same way.

I thought this video was very helpful

I would love to hear what you think leave a comment

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    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 4 years ago from Alabama, USA

      I love your ideas as I am a nail polish user. Usually when I want a color I can't find, I mix two colors together to accomplish the color intended. I've really enjoyed reading your hub.