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How to save on shaving blades (or, How I Bought My Last Shaving Blade Ages Ago)

Updated on February 23, 2014

Here's a a short tip that will allow you to to save money and trips to the shops, by allowing you to use the same shaving blade again and again.


How To Save On New Shaving Blades?

Once you finished showering and shaving, clean your shaver as usual.

After the shaver is clean, slide it over the hairs of your forearm (obviously, not as if you want to shave those hairs, but in the opposite direction). This will have the effect of re-sharpening the shaver's blades. Repeat this sliding motion for 30-40 times. It takes about a minute.

Note: since it's done after your shower, no need to worry that your forearm hairs aren't clean.

That's it, the shaver is re-sharpened and will be almost as new next time you use it. Eventually, you'd have to replace the shaver, but it'll take a very long time.


The Rational

This re-sharpening is the same in principal as sharpening your kitchen knives on a stone, or the method of sharpening old-style barbers employ with a leather belt for their razors. The only difference is that human hairs are used as the sharpening medium.

Happy Savings!

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