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How to shave using natural oils

Updated on June 1, 2011

Why would one like to use olive oil and not shaving cream?

If you are one of those with sensitive skin then consider using olive oil instead of shaving cream. Shaving cream may contain chemicals like, Stearic acid, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide in addition to natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil, hence shaving cream may give an uneasy feeling compared to pure natural oils.

Another pro for using natural oil for shaving is economy, yes, besides being all-natural, it would be economical to use a commonly available natural oil against a branded shaving cream.

How to Shave using natural Oils

Here are the steps

  1. Select natural oil of your choice: Choose either olive oil or coconut oil, these two are known to be good emollients, non-toxic, natural smelling and widely available.
  2. Source your shaving oil: Although you may have these oils in your kitchen it might not be prudent to pick from there, reason, high probability that it might be contaminated with spices and other oils. So buy a fresh small pack, label it properly and keep it in the bathroom to be used exclusively for shaving.
  3. Try it First: Try shaving an area that is easy to shave for the first time so that you get accustomed to feel of using natural oil as shaving aid.
  4. Apply oil: Dip your fingers in the oil and gently apply it on the area to be shaved, rub it gently so that hair becomes soft. You can also scrub the area with little water after applying oil to make it even softer.
  5. Shave Now: Shave hair now, since these natural oils are natural emollients, they lubricate the skin well aid the smooth movement of your razor. This also reduces any chances of cut.
  6. After you shave: Wash your face with plain water, that’s it! No need to use after-shave lotion. Again skipping aftershave lotion will reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals.
  7. Another Tip: Do not use, light or non-freezing variables of these natural oils as they are often artificially treated.

Since you will not be able to dry your razor from these oils, it would be better to keep the razor covered with a cap. Do not dip your razor in the oil as it may leach colour or chemicals into the oil.

Although you can also use almond oil to shave, it might be little heavy on wallet. Best apply it afterward to get smooth feeling skin.


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