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How to tame frizzy hair

Updated on May 3, 2010

Curls not frizz

How to tame FRIZZY HAIR

This is an age-old problem and aggravating situation for those who have curly hair with frizzy tendencies. As a child, you learn that proper hair hygiene involves shampooing your hair regularly, combing or brushing it and drying it. This process works wonderfully well for those who are endowed with sleek hair of normal PH balance. For one who has curly hair this type of routine hygiene will dry out the hair, separate the curls and create a frizzy nightmare!

Curly hair does not generally respond well to being frequently washed nor being combed or brushed for that matter. Having first hand experience with curly hair and having fought it every step of the way in my youth, I have now learned to embrace it and better yet, how to live with it!

The expression " The grass is always greener..." most definitely applies to hair. People with curly hair wish fervently for sleek, straight, unpredictable hair whereas those with poker-straight tresses would gladly make the exchange for bouncy, healthy locks! The worst thing one can do to curly hair is to fight it. Blow-drying it on high while pulling and smoothing it with a round brush will stress the hair out and cause future damage and split ends. The straightening iron used with protective sprays and serums is also another alternative which yields the immediate desired results and along with them, long-term damage. Is it really worth it? My best advice to you is to pass on the straighteners, gels, mousses and serums and use the products and methods which will serve you and your hair best.

Curly hair has a tendency to frizz especially if it is overly fussed with and manipulated. Curls need to be left alone for the most part. There are things YOU can do to minimize frizz which are entirely within your control. There are methods, in my experience, which allow you to enjoy your hair to its full curly potential. You may not have wanted curly hair but you have it. Now, what will you do? Fight the losing battle or embrace it?


1. Get a trim. Trimming the dry ends will revitalize your hair. You should look at a getting a trim every two to three months in order to keep your ends healthy and bouncy.

2. Purchase a good shampoo and conditioner. The expression "You get what you pay for" applies to most things. If you have a shampoo that you are pleased with, stick with it. If not, then go to a hair salon and have someone analyse your hair for you and identify the best shampoo within your budget, that is appropriate for your hair type. Some people respond well to certain herbal shampoos.

3. Add a leave-in conditioner to your hair regimen. Curly hair really needs the added conditioning however you may need to experiment to find the right balance. You want your potentially 'frizzy' hair to be weighted down however you do not want it be greasy!

4. If you do not want to splurge on a leave-in conditioner, or your budget does not allow for it, here is an economical solution. Place a dime-sized amount of your conditioner in your palm (moreif you have long hair). Add a bit of water to it and mix into a light paste rubbing with both hands. Run your fingers through your hair, being careful to avoid the scalp, concentrating on the length and tips of hair.

5. Here the most important step of all to avoid the frizzies. Allow your hair to air-dry or dry it gingerly with a diffuser and do not fuss with it!!! One of the main culprits of frizzy hair is our hands! People with curls need to condition those curls and then respect them, letting them dry on their own without fuss. When we tease, scrunch or run our fingers through our damp hair it may feel good at the moment but in reality we are just fussing and separating that curl thereby disturbing its drying process. By allowing it to fully dry on its own that curl will achieve definition and bounce.

SPECIALTY PRODUCTS FOR CURLY HAIR There are some specialty products for curly hair on the market which promise much more than they deliver. Two reputable companies which I have tested personally and am very satisfied with are Curly Hair Solutions and Wen Hair products This is truly a case for 'You get what you pay for.'

Curly Hair Solutions is the Toronto based company of Jonathan Torch who developed a line of products specifically focused on people with curly hair. His line is comprehensive and encompasses the entire process of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, protein-based added conditioning as well as a 'curl keeper' serum which encapsules the curl allowing it to keep its shape and bounce. He even allows for a straightening serum for those days when a change of look is desired. His products deliver on his promises and if you purchase them in the bulk sizes they are economically worthwhile particularly if you begin adding up the money you have already spent on the multitude of bottles in your bathroom cupboards which delivered only disappointing results.

The average starter kit runs about $20 CAD and allows you to sample five products before commiting to a larger purchase. One of the positive aspects of this company is that they do not take your business for granted and do not place you on an automatic shipping program where suddenly you find charges being made to your credit card. At Curly Hair Solutions you contact them when and if you need a refill. Being experts on curly hair and avoiding the frizzy look, they have many helpful styling and cutting tips available on their website which can be educational particularly for people who have been fighting their curls for a lifetime instead of accepting them and working with them!

Wen Hair products is the brain-child of Chaz Dean and focuses primarily on maintaining healthy hair. Chaz Dean is a spokesman for the company as well as well-known actress Melissa Gilbert who is featured on the company's infomercials. Naturally, such exposure will impact the cost of the products. For $29.95 USD you receive a small, apparently 30 day supply of his natural products. You are in essence washing your hair with a conditioner which does not lather yet cleans your hair without damaging it or stripping it of its natural oils. The product is effective and I have noticed a healthier sheen to my hair. It promises to be gentle on colour-treated hair even making the colour last longer. The products smell terrific and feel good on the hair however the credit card bill is not half as attractive.

This company does put you on an automatic shipment and you must stay on top of it. When you receive your first order you must call in and adjust the mailing schedule to suit your needs otherwise you will receive more product with the accompanying charges to your card. Despite the fact that this is a good product, I have to question the value for my money. After the initial shipment they send you a 90 day supply for $92 plus taxes and shipping. I do not ordinarily spend a hundred dollars on shampoo and conditioner every three months so for me this is rather pricey. If money is not an issue then absolutely, try it out and see if you enjoy the results. I personally would like to see a more economy-friendly kit from this company for those who cannot afford $100 every three months.

Regardless of the solution you choose.... It is time to embrace your curls!


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