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How to tell if your Coach Handbag is a Fake

Updated on October 20, 2010

Fake Coach?

So, maybe you enjoy a really nice handbag, Coach makes beautiful bags.  If you are going to spend money on a nice handbag you want to make sure it is a real handbag, and not a fake one.  Here are ten tips on helping you determine if your coach handbag is real or if it is a fake.

1.  Purchasing a handbag from the street, a flea market, or other unauthorized store almost certainly means your handbag is not an authentic Coach handbag.  Coach handbags never sell for 2 for $50.00, ever.  Really.Grade A replicas are not real Coach handbags, they are fake.

2.  Look at the C's on the bag carefully, Coach always designs the C's in pairs, they are never found in singular letters.  The C's are lined up perfectly, they aren't placed upon the bag in a crooked or hap hazard fashion.  This is one of the biggest and most obvious clues that the bag in question is not a real bag. On many fakes the CC's are not shaped correctly, they may be too long, or too wide, this is generally a dead giveaway on the handbags, if they look the slightest big wrong, chances are the bag is fake. Also note, the Coach bags are stain resistant, so if you pour a little water onto the bag, and it soaks in, chances are it isn't a real Coach handbag.

3.  Is the design one of Coach's traditional designs.  Coach makes their purses in certain styles only, if you see something with a Coach logo, and you haven't seen the purse before, chances are it may be a fake purse.

4.  Look at the dust bag for the purse, you may think that because it comes with a dust bag, it will be a real bag, that is not true.  Dust bags have the words COACH Est. 1941 on them.  The world COACH is in all caps, there is no other lettering on the dust bag.  The bags are brown with red tie strings.  The dust bags are not white, and they do not have the words Leatherwear on them.

5. Look inside of the bag, you will see a serial number inside of the bag.  If there is no leather patch inside of the bag with a serial number that starts with a model number, then a dash with 4, yes 4 numbers, you have a fake.  This tag is never crooked.  Purchases from the outlet stores may have a stamp, or an imprint on the serial number tag inside of the bag. It will look like this NoL45J-1244, note there are no spaces between any of the letters and numbers.

6.  Look at your logo tag, is it attached with a beaded chain?  The tag may be in metal or leather, the lettering will be raised.  You can check online to see if a specific model should come with a leather or a metal tag.Tags that peel are not from legitimate Coach resellers.

7.  Stitching, look at the stitching, it should be without a flaw, the stitching isn't uneven, it is fluid throughout the bag.

8.  Look for plastic or vinyl accessories, Coach uses metal and leather for their accessories, if you see something, put the bag back, it is not an authentic bag. 

9.  Coach zippers are 'YKK' zippers, look for those markings, if you do not see those markings, it is not a real Coach handbag. Zippers marked with 'RTK' are not legitimate zippers for Coach purses. 

10.  The hardware is stamped with the word Coach with an outline on each piece of hardware.  Fakes generally do not have this stamp.  The O-rings on the bags do not spin, and they do not have any openings, if the hardware spins, or seems shoddy, this means the bag is a fake, and not an original bag.

Sometimes the fake handbags look very nice, but $40 dollars spent on a fake bag, is $40 dollars of over spending.  You can find Coach bags for less, check ebay, some retailers there are very reputable, also check second hand stores, and even garage sales.  Since Coach bags are made with such high quality materials they will last forever. 


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      thanks that what i am going to do!!!!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      You can also look on the Coach website, and read off the number on the label, an if it's real, they will verify the number and describe the exact bag in front of you.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I agree with everything stated here except for the statement about white dust bags. I ordered straight from Coach's Official website. In addition to my $300.00 hot pink leather wallet, I purchased 2 dog collars and a pair of C earrings. All of it came with white dust bags and red drawstrings.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

      As a handbag fanatic and a Coach lover, I think you've done a great job here! I have found both a lovely silver Coach Satchel on Ebay, and just earlier this week a silver wallet with about 50 slots for medical cards, credit cards, and all the other cards we seem to need in our times. The backside of the wallet is sown so well, I have a pair of glasses in them, and you can't tell. It's made padded, but so well that you can't even tell there is anything so large in there. You do get what you pay for!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      there are white dust bags....yet i will concede those are the easiest to copy i'm sure


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