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How to wear Leopard Print Accessories

Updated on August 26, 2016

Release the Animal Print!

Leopard Fabrics are now stunningly well done. Every fabric that you can imagine can now have a leopard motif.

From burnt velvets to gentle silks and even denim, I have seen it all in a beautiful leopard finish. Look at photos starting around the 1920's and 1930's and you will see animal prints everywhere, coming forward to the present day.

Decide on what fabric you are going to wear using photos from the past and present to establish what sort of look you are trying to create.

If you are going to wear leopard print, look online at photos of the animal so that you are looking at the correct fabric. Some people have shown me beautiful fabrics depicting giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, ocelots and more and called them leopards. Know what you are wanting.

Wearing a complete black outfit and then using an animal print handbag can be very stunning. The bag really stands out and is highlighted by you being the background for it.


Wearing Leopard Print Means Picking One Item In Animal Print

I saw her at the store. She was wearing a pair of over the knee leopard print boots in a small print with a leopard print skirt in a huge print and a bangle bracelet with the cat's gold and jeweled face on it. Her sunglasses were also leopard print and her handbag showed a flash of leopard on the trim and the handles.

I did not say anything as I passed her, but it made me sad because I am sure that somewhere, she thought she was doing a great job of looking great. Maybe a sales associate who only cared about their commission even helped her select her items. She looked like she needed a clothing makeover.

Leopard makes such a strong statement that it really needs to be limited to one item. Two at the most and I will explain.

I have a leopard dress. I get loads of complements when I wear it. It looks great, I feel great in it, and the print is not small at all. It is big and bold. I would never wear anything else with this except plain accessories and a plain watch. With this outfit, there is no way I could wear anything else. The dress is a billboard for leopard.

The exception to this is matching accessories that are part of a set. With a black pant suit, I could wear a scarf and a bag or a scarf and shoes in the print. No more than two or you risk looking horribly mismatched.

Choose a Color Palette

Animal prints can be realistic colors or fantasy ones. No matter what you select, you should get a color wheel so that everything matches. I bring a color chart when I shop so that I know everything will go together.

When wearing leopard, I typically will choose cream, black, brown as my color family for the day. White is too stark and grey does not fit in. Limit yourself to three colors because otherwise your color palette will be competing with the print for attention.


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