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Pin it On: The Denim Shirt

Updated on November 16, 2016

The Outfit I Only Pinned About

images found on pinterest
images found on pinterest

Virtual Closet

If you're like me, you have a less than healthy love of pinterest. You might have pins for your home, clothing, food, ect. I have the problem of have boards filled with fitness and work out pins. Do I even own a gym bag? Nope. Do I have four pins purely about how to pack a gym bag. Yes.

Now once I started working retail management I started actually using pinterest for more than pretty pictures. Since I didn't consider myself too fashion forward (most of my fashion choices being that of a bartender, punk kid, or tired college student) I started to actually use my pinterest for more than just "ooOOOOooo look at that picture" and actually used it to pick my daily outfits for work and used it to actually find key pieces for my clothes and how I wanted to dress.

However if you're also like me you're poor af. Most of your money goes to the gaping hole that is your student debt, rent, and that credit card what was suppose to be just for emergency. So while I wanted these great pinterest outfits I didn't really have what they were showing in the image.

How to Make the Magic Happen

To complete this little number you'll need:

  • A cardigan
  • Basic Tee
  • Denim Shirt
  • Leggings
  • boot socks
  • lace up boots

The Face is a Canvas and Here's what I Used

Make Up

  • Lip Stick: Dark Red or Plumb Lipstick
  • Lip Liner: Same Color or Darker if Possible of Lipstick (you can blend the darker into the lighter shade)
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Highlight
  • Bronzer
  • Light Pink Blush or No Blush
  • Eyebrow pencil and whatever you use to fill in your eyebrow. I personally would wear a dark eye shadow, but since this is a bold eyebrow we want to kick it up with a brow liner.
  • Smokey brown eye shadow kit and brown eyeliner


  • Texture Spray
  • A teasing comb
  • Hair ties
  • 2nd day hair is best

How I did it! Spring 2015

Here's Mine


For my take of this look I opted out for the cardigan. Since we're entering summer here in Wisconsin I personally do not want to over heat. Since my brown leggings are already fleece lined I'd like to avoid as much of that as possible.

My denim shirt I bought at Wet Seal when I briefly worked there. I really like it however I find that the sleeve on the denim shirt make a cardigan way heavier. If I ever do opt to wear this look with a cardigan i would suggest a sleeveless denim shirt. Vanity currently had a sleeveless denim shirt in store. I'm just waiting until it goes on clearance to buy it myself.

Under if I have a Vanity essential lace tank in white, size small. If you're tiny like me I'd opt to go one size smaller at Vanity. I find extra smalls fit me much better. However Vanity doesn't carry as much (currently) in the way of extra small. If you're tiny like me (under 5'0) I would go try an Aeropostel or Rue21. However if you're above 5'3 Vanity is a great store.

Finally the leggings came from Vanity as well, I love them because the are fleece lined, however as we get closer and closer into the summer months I will more than likely scrap this outfit until fall.

When I transition the outfit into a winter/fall look I'll be sure to add the extras such as boot socks, and the cardigan. Keep posted for an update on this outfit.

Styling Tips

  • The over-sized boyfriend tops and bottoms are super popular right now. However I personally do not suggest actually using your boyfriend's clothes. Men's clothes are not fitted to form around a woman's body. Especially if you're a petite girl. Trust me, it'll just look like a sack.

So I recently cut off all my hair. So pulling out a bun isn't happening. However prior to the hair cut I was able to do a pretty big round bun. So I'll explain both my short hair look and my big round bun look.

Can't Read? Wanna Watch me on Youtube?

One Last Break Down

What I used
Where I bought it
How Much was It?
Denim Shirt
Wet Seal
Grey Boot Socks
Forever 21
Boyfriend Style White Tee
Grey Aztec Boots
Silver necklace

On a Final Note

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you really enjoyed my take on this look. Please feel free to leave a comment about how I'm doing or what I can do better. I'm always looking to improve myself. Also vote on my polls, these polls help me decided what hubs to publish next and what hubs will become youtube videos!

Also if you'd like to see more of me fallow my page. I also am looking for new people to fallowing so I'll check you out and more than likely fallow you!



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