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How to wear lipgloss correctly

Updated on October 18, 2011
Wearing lip-gloss correctly can be easy and almost perfectly done.
Wearing lip-gloss correctly can be easy and almost perfectly done.

Lipgloss is one of the most favorite cosmetics ever little girls, teens and even woman from any age wear lipgloss it is an essential part of a beauty routine that in my opinion can not be missed if its lipstick it's lipgloss. Lipgloss comes in many forms and colors and flavors it makes our lips shine snd stay soft so if you are a fan of lipgloss then keep on reading for some tips on how to wear it so you can look fantastic!

Rule # 1

For your lips go for a leather-y bold lip color and try choosing a sheer dark gloss hue. Do not go for the opaque too much glosses those are not really good in helping you look nice and they create a more exaggerated look for you more than you wanted. Some of the lip-glosses that I found out that you can try are Lancome Juicy Tubes and L'Oral Paris Colour Juice both of those two lip-glosses have a fruit squeeze that gives a mauve- neutral shade like to your lips so you can check those out and see how they look on your lips.

Rule #2 -

If somehow you end up buying a lip-gloss that does not go well with your skin color then what you can do is combine it with clear lip-gloss or either petroleum jelly so that way you have the ability to wear it well.

Rule #3-

If you end up having fine lines around your mouth then i recommend selecting a shade that is close to your skin color. This will help when you are bleeding that way it does not seem obvious at all in your lips.

Rule #4 -

Do not be afraid of wearing thick or sticky formulas of lip-gloss they are not necessarily bad at all for your lips they are actually good. Plus adding a thicker lip-gloss helps give a high volume of shine to them and another thing is they last longer than the thinner lip glosses. One warning these type of lip-glosses are not kissable so do not try to kiss anyone while wearing this lip-gloss they are only for looks.

Rule #5 -

While having lip-gloss on make sure to not get stuck with an icky lip-gloss mouth an example for this would be someone having saliva/gloss type of combo in their lips and some people do actually go thru that so to prevent it do exfoliate your lips regularly with Vaseline and a warm washcloth in order to get rid of excess skin but if that seems not to work then use some Q-tips to take away all of the amount of saliva/lip-gloss eww stuff that you may have on there.

Rule #6 -

Always remember to protect your lips because they are a part of your body and the care is really important so to do this is by wearing some lip sunscreem like Chap-stick Ultra with SPF30 before putting on the lip-gloss so that way they are ok for the sun. I do that most of the time or I just wear the chap-stick alone even if I'm not going to put lip-gloss on.

Rule #7 -

Do not in any way rub rub your lips together while in lip-gloss since it will make your lips look undone and it may look like you did not wear lip gloss at all even if you did.


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    • spotlight19 profile image

      Jennifer Pena 5 years ago from California

      Well i would suggest colors that are not too dark for example clear colors there are alot of make-up colors for your eyes, cheeks and lips that have clear colors but still have the shine to help with your skin color.

    • profile image

      Courteney 5 years ago

      What color would you suggest for paler skin? That's not too over-bearing,but still noticably shiny. :) Thanks

    • spotlight19 profile image

      Jennifer Pena 5 years ago from California

      No its noti wrote this aticle in my own words.

    • profile image

      Cat 5 years ago

      So... basically a rip off of's post isn't it?

    • KaseyRenee11396 profile image

      KaseyRenee11396 6 years ago

      Very interesting!! :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Some really good tips here..Thank you