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How to Get More Beautiful and Healthier Hair

Updated on May 2, 2009

Almost all women long to have more beautiful and healthier hair but do not wish to spend a lot of time or money in improving how their hair looks. Certain hairstyling procedures like using heat repeatedly on a daily basis can cause damage to hair even if a hair conditioner is used. Having well styled hair does not mean sacrificing the health of your hair. Below are some suggestions for subsituting heat methods for hair styling:

Instead of using a hair dryer, wash your hair the night before so it can dry overnight.

Curling irons can do damage to hair over time, too. If you prefer to wear your hair in curls, try using sponge curlers instead. Wrap your hair up in the sponge curlers, which are more comfortable to sleep in at night than hard plastic curlers.

Foods with A and B vitamins will also help your hair grow longer and thicker. The list of these foods includes oranges, strawberries, eggs, tomatoes, butter, most nuts, and leafy green vegetables. Taking a multi-B vitamin every day will also help your hair grow better and give you a boost of energy at the same time.

When you brush or comb your hair, use one with wide teeth and either plastic or natural bristles. Brushes helps improve blood circulation in the scalp and thus increase hair growth.

Get your haired trimmed once a month. This will eliminate split ends and encourage faster growth.

Brushing is always good for your hair but do not overbrush it. Brush it well once a week, that is sufficient enough for your hair to grow well. Brush also removed dead follicles from your scalp.

Cut down on the amount of product you use in your hair for styling it. Try an all-natural hairspray if you need to hold your hair in place.

Massage your scalp with your hands before washing your hair. The massaging will also encourage the growth of new hair.


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