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How to Shop Online

Updated on November 14, 2019
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Nicole is a college student majoring in Civil Engineering. During her spare time, she is finding fashion trends that she enjoys.

Shopping online has become something common these past couple of years. It provides more options to shop for when physical stores don’t provide certain products. However, not knowing what you will get is one of the biggest problems when online shopping. This article will help you have a keen eye for choosing the best products online.

Learn Where to Shop

When shopping online, there is an endless amount of options when deciding where to shop. If a new store has crossed your path and are interested to shop, ask yourself a few questions.

What kind of store is it?

How does the store function? What is the main thing that they sell? Is it a website where there are different vendors combined into one like Wish or AliExpress? Is it an established store where they sell their own clothes and accessories and come out with original collections like Fashion Nova? Understanding what type of online store you’re browsing will help to see where to find your products. The structure and layout of the websites may differ from each other. Sometimes the website can be confusing to shop, but the app is a lot easier to work with. Taking into account all the small details of these stores will cause a better experience when shopping online.

What is their reputation?

When people talk about brands, there is two outcomes. They will either gush over how great the brand is or mention how much they detest it. Plenty of brands that have great quality clothing but have terrible customer service with returning products. Others have great customer but low-quality clothing. That is why it’s important to do a little research on stores where you shop because there’s always a give and take with these sorts of things. To avoid the bad experience of wondering if you will ever receive your refund or get the products that didn’t arrive on time, look at reviews. There are plenty of influencers online that make a living reviewing clothes from different online brands. Although some that have their opinions biased because of the sponsorships they accept, many don’t let that reason prevent them from telling the truth.

Once you get those basic questions down, start shopping! The process shouldn’t take a long time, so you can jump right into it after figuring how the online store works. Now onto the important part of the whole process.

Choosing the Clothing

Be cautious of suspicious clothing

With many online brands existing, there’s bound to be vendors who want to make a quick buck. Like physical stores in plazas where they sell dupes of well-known brands, there will be dupes online. However, if you look for a dupe, make sure it is worth your money. Paying less for a product that won’t last is still wasting money so be careful. Things to be wary of are if sellers who promote clothes that are photoshopped to be a different color or onto someone who isn’t wearing them. Vendors using stolen photos of other brands to promote their products is a red flag. Don’t expect the same thing for less than the price of the original.


Reviews will be your best friend

Reviews are crucial when determining if you will get your money’s worth. Buying based on the pictures used to promote the products is a grave mistake. When the clothes arrive, disappointment is what you will get. When buying clothes, the first thing to do is look at the reviews. It will determine whether it is worth your time and money. For example, if you go shopping on AliExpress (not sponsored by them) you can get a lot of great clothes if you look at the details. Let’s pretend you need to buy a sweater, so you find a couple of sweaters you enjoy.

Keep an eye out with the rating system. People go with products that are at least 4 stars. This ensures that you will get a good quality product in the mail. However, don’t solely base your decision on the star rating. You need to see more details of the product on how it will look when the product arrives. For this article, I chose an article of clothing as an example.

Look at the pictures used to promote the product. Seeing that AliExpress usually sells clothes from Asia, the sizing of the clothes will be a little different. If you enjoy clothes from Asia and find a hard time finding clothes, here is a tip; If the model is drowning in fabric while wearing the article of clothing, it will most likely fit.

Lucky for us, this sweater offers over one size ranging from M to XXL. They only offer one color for the product, so if you aren’t satisfied with it, you will need to go back and look for something similar. If you don’t mind the color and are still interested in buying, the next step is to scroll to the reviews.

After scrolling through the reviews, keep an eye out for those who post pictures along with their reviews. Those are the most helpful. They help to see how long the clothes are actually or how they would fit if you ordered them. Would the color look the same in person? Is the material still look the same as the one in the picture? That is why reviews are very important when deciding what to buy. If you aren’t willing to risk wasting your money, reviews will save you from making mistakes. However, if you are not worried about having amazing quality clothing, then take the risk with the options that have no reviews.

Online Shopping is Fun

There are so many styles online that you would have never seen in physical stores. That’s why it is so fun to online shop. However, learning to shop online and getting products that are not a waste of money makes the experience more fun. With the many vendors online, hopefully, this article helps you to become knowledgeable about choosing the clothing items to buy online.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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