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How to wear crochet clothing fashion and accessories

Updated on January 16, 2010

Crochet clothing Fashion

Some people will think that crochet clothing is reserved for grannies and hippies, not so. Crochet clothing and accessories can be unique and eyecatching fashion, you just need to get the style right! Crochet comes is a wide variety of styles, ranging from tight knits to large floral patterns. Crochet fashions are not all that common, so you wont find them in a lot of retail stores. The best place to get crochet clothing and accessories are from online stores that specialize in crochet fashion. The good thing about crochet fashion being so uncommon, is that you can be sure that where ever you go, no one will be wearing the same thing as you! Also i find crochet clothing a first resort for those times when i can't decide what to wear, and i want to look unique without a lot of effort!

Less is usually more when it comes to crochet clothing, or you might end up looking like you've been having a field day with Nana's knitting basket! Although, you're more likely to look like a hippie from way back. Crochet is more of a hippie look than anything, but a modern day hippie look, will look more attractive as opposed to looking like one who's stepped through a time warp from the 60's. Full crochet garments, like dresses, and long, large cardigans are what I'm referring too. Which is fine if you are in fact a hippie, and don't mind looking like your living in the past, or outdated. I'm assuming that's not a desirable look for most people, especially fashion savvy people.

If you wear a crochet top or skirt, it's best to keep the rest of your outfit very simple. Refer to picture one, now that is an ideal balance for pulling off crochet clothing at it's finest. If you are wearing a crochet clothing item, don't accessorize with crochet accessories, such as a bag or a headband. This is likely to unbalance your overall look, and balance is important so that your crochet clothing is flattering on you. A little crochet, such as an applique around the neck cut of a dress or top, is ideal for a more feminine and delicate look. Also, it's one of the safest ways to wear crochet if you fancy it, but you're a tad afraid of it. If you like the look of crochet, but you're afraid it doesn't suit you, introduce yourself to crochet fashion with a headband, or handbag. From there you can work your way into feeling comfortable in it, by then wearing clothing that feature crochet appliques, and then full garments.

Crochet cardigans are best suited to people of middle age. They can look great on older people, but tend to look a bit drab and unflattering on younger people, unless your experienced in crochet fashion wearing, and know what works for YOU and what doesn't. For younger people, (teens- 35's), a fitting over singlet of crochet, or a short crochet skirt will look best. I don't think that anyone should wear long crochet skirts, (below the knee length), they look good on no one. Crochet skirts that are below the knee length, are quite frankly, too much crochet. Less is more, so keep crochet skirts at above the knee length.

Most of the time, don't wear a crochet top without anything underneath it! Generally crochet is quite revealing, wearing a top with a lot of holes is a no no, unless you're at the beach, or alone with you're lover. Unless of course, it's a tight knit crochet, which means that there are few- none eyelets in the garment.

Work with crochet in order for it to work for you, like most other garments. Meaning, that you should choose garment that features crochet, near or around your best features. So if you like you're boobs, wear a low cut top that has a crochet applique around the neck-cut of the top. If you consider you're legs to be your best body bit, go for a crochet skirt. Crochet fashions are quite detailed and appealing, much like lace, and instantly, attention will be drawn towards the crochet detail of you're outfit.

If your a fan of bikinis, crochet bikinis look great, and a bit more spesh than your average bikini. Although, extreme caution should be taken if you choose to purchase crochet swimwear, as crochet fabrics tend to be heavy when wet. So, select a size that's a tad small, rather than too big, because it might sag when wet, revealing a bit more than you bargained for!

Crochet beanies and scarves are a cozy, unique and fashionable way to accessorize for winter, and they will look good on everyone. Even better, when your stuck inside in the cold, huddled up next to the fire, you could make your own crochet! If you do so, making a scarf is an ideal way to start, as it is relatively simple, and if you make it yourself, you can choose your own colours.There are a massive variety of different stitches to create different crochet patterns, but for a scarf you can use a simple stitch and repeat the whole way through until you're done.

Crochet is similar to knitting, and is made with yarn or thread. The advantage that crochet has over knitting is that knitting is done with wool, which tends to irritate the skin when in direct contact, causing itchiness and rashes, unlike crochet, which should suit most skin types fine.


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