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Hydrathermal Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion Rewiew

Updated on December 26, 2010

Contains Emu Oil! This hair moisturizer is excellent for chemically treated or natural hair.  CONTAINS 5  NATURAL BUTTERS AND 8 NATURAL OILS....ALONG WITH GLYCERIN!!!! You can't beat the moisture in this product!!!!!!! $12.99  4 oz.        $18.99
Contains Emu Oil! This hair moisturizer is excellent for chemically treated or natural hair. CONTAINS 5 NATURAL BUTTERS AND 8 NATURAL OILS....ALONG WITH GLYCERIN!!!! You can't beat the moisture in this product!!!!!!! $12.99 4 oz. $18.99 | Source

Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion

Greetings Everyone, this is the second product that I will be reviewing for you from the Hydratherma Naturals line by the Co-Founder of Healthy Hair Journey Enterprises L.L.C. and creator of the Hydratherma Naturals Product Collection,Saleemah Cartwright.

*My disclaimer is that I've purchased the products reviewed with my own monies and am in no way affliated with Hydrathermal Naturals or its staff*

Why Hydrathermal Naturals Growth Lotion?


I was drawn to this product after watching one of Saleemah's advertisement. I had been in search for "NATURAL" hair products for my natural hair. Her advertisement boasted the fact that it contained natural butters, oil, and glycerin!

These items are best friends for natural hair that needs moisture, moisture, and more moisture!

My Review of the Moisturizing Hair Lotion

The lotion comes a tall, graspable bottle. One of the first things you will notice when unscrewing the large black cap is the immediate smell of cookie/pastry dough. I do believe that this is the intent of the founder!

The top is easy to use since you are able to press down ant the top lifts open enabling you to squeeze out the desired amount for usage. The product squeezes out like a ribbon and is very creamy. The second bottle that I purchased from Hydrathermal Naturals seemed to have a separation of the oil in the product. I vigorously shook the bottle and that seemed to quickly remedy the problem.

How did I apply Product?

Presently, I'm still in love with my "wash n' go" styling, so I apply the product in sections while hair is sopping wet. This didn't seem to be a problem when applying this product. I did see a nice sheen and the product seemed to be quickly absorbed into my hair.

I followed up with the Hydrathermal Naturals Growth Oil throughout my hair. I continued to style hair with my Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel. I liked the results very much.

Pros and Cons of Product

Pros and Cons of Product


  • Adds shine to hair
  • Hair seems to be more pliable and softer
  • Can be applied whether hair is dry or wet
  • Natural products are a much desired attribute of this product.
  • Emu Oil -- Offers the potential for hair growth
  • Most love the cake/pastry mix smell of the product.
  • Seems to work well with other products like the Eco and IC gels.


  • Product will cause you to lose a grip on the bottle while doing hair
  • My hair is extremely curly and required about a tablespoon of product for each application.
  • Often there is a need to re-apply this product several times during the day to keep hair moisturized.
  • Pricing is a little high. Cheaper leave-in conditioners can give similar or better results.
  • Emu Oil -- Some buyers turned off by the source of the Emu Oil.
  • If you use too much, it seems to build up.
  • Smell of the pastry/cake odor is short-lived

Hydrathermal Naturals Advertisement

Benefits and Description of Moisturizing Growth Lotion

Product Description and Benefits:  ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS!

This daily moisturizing lotion is excellent for chemically treated or natural hair.  CONTAINS 5 NATURAL BUTTERS AND 8 NATURAL OILS....ALONG WITH GLYCERIN!!!!

You can't beat the moisture in this product!!!!!!! There is nothing like it!   Now,  contains more Emu Oil per bottle! 

This natural daily moisturizing lotion is excellent for chemically treated or natural hair. Use after deep conditioning on wet hair and daily to soften and condition the hair while restoring a nourishing balance of moisture in the hair.

Created with an exclusive blend of natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive butter, aloe butter, sweet almond butter, avocado butter, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, peanut oil, macadamia nut oil, safflower oil and glycerin. 

This lightweight formula will penetrate each hair strand immediately and prevent breakage. Seals in moisture. Makes hair soft, supple and easy to manage. Contains no mineral oil or petrolatum. A little goes a long way with this lotion, so use sparingly. Smells yummy but please do not ingest. For best results, use with other Hydratherma Naturals brand products.

Moisturizing Growth Lotion Ingredients

Water, Shea butter, Glycerin, Almond butter, Almond oil, Olive oil, Peanut oil, Emulsification wax, Emu oil, Olive Butter, Jojoba oil, Aloe Butter, Avocado butter, Macadamia nut oil, Sunflower oil, Fragrance, Germall Plus (PARABEN FREE PRESERVATIVE), Kuikui oil

How to Use Product

How to use:
Section the hair into at least 4-6 sections. To each section, apply the growth lotion to hair and scalp. Use more or less depending on your hair's condition /thickness/ length.

Massage for even distribution through hair. Concentrate on hair ends. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Use daily and as needed.

Depending on your hair's condition / dryness, you may use 2 to 3 times a day until your hair reaches its optimal moisture level. For extra moisture retention follow with the Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth oil.

In My Conclusion

I found the product to be a decent leave-in type of conditioner. The potential of the Emu Oil in the product is an added benefit. Who doesn't want longer, stronger, healthier hair?.For my 3b/c curls, I'd use a lot of the product to make sure hair was well-moisturized.

I would trade in the pastry cake smell of the product for a Calgon's take me away tropical breeze scent! LOL! Or even something a little earthy like shea butter and mango. I'm on my second bottle of the Growth Lotion and will determine whether I'm in love enough with it to keep spending $18.00 a bottle.

My suggestion to the curious is to purchase the samples of the items that you are interested before purchasing the full-size version!

Leave your comments in the box below!  Until next time!


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