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I Epil stopped my head!!!!

Updated on May 1, 2011

MY hair dissolved in my hands!!

once upon a lifetime ago,I ordered some hair remover from a television commercial. It turned out to be quite strong and irritated my legs so that I put it under the vanity out of the way. I can't imagine why I didn't throw it away. It was in a gray bottle with green trim and I had a bottle of conditioner I used to protect my hair before I went swimming that it resembled closely.

I forgot I even had it.

Some family came to visit as it was summer and we lived in Florida and near the beach at that time, my step grandchildren came and brought guest as they were young teenage girls everyone stayed about 2 weeks and a great time was had by all..

Finally the day came I found myself alone, I couldn't wait to get in the pool. I put my bathing suit on and loaded my hair with conditioner,ran  an dove in the pool, as I surfaced thinking how nice to be enjoying myself I saw smoke coming from behind me .I thought gee, I cannot believe someone is burning leaves in south Florida,just like back home..Then I saw the smoke was coming from the other direction, where ever i turned my head I saw smoke behind me! Right about that moment I realized my head was very hot. I put my hands in my head and my it was warm, as I looked at my hands I was horror stricken for they were filled with what should have been my hair. Instead it looked like the remains of a Brillo pad that has been left out in the weather then dried out.

I ran to the water hose and rinsed my head until it cooled off. As scared as I was to do so , I looked in the mirror, my hair was almost all gone, what was left was wiry,smoldered together and it felt like glue was on it. Of course by this time I am looking for my bottle of conditioner,and there it is ,EPIL STOP HAIR REMOVER..MY GOODNESS..

I wrapped it in a towel, got the phone book and looked up the closest beauty shop to me and explained what had happened thru my tears. The lady on the other end said yes, we see this all the time, what ever you do don't wrap it in a towel as the heat will activate more hair loss..oops too late! I of course have done the one thing to make it all fall out!

So I drive blinded by tears to the beauty shop where everyone was very kind and the lady explained that I was lucky some lose it all..she was able to punk the sparse remainder and told me to not use any gel, hair spray, don't try to dye it let it grow back as natural as possible ,maybe then the hair follicles would not receive further damage. That I would know in about 6 weeks the extent of the long term damage. She was pretty certain it would grow back eventually that as soon as what was left grew enough, I should have to come back every few weeks and keep cutting off the ends until all damage was gone. I was told in a good 6 months to a year I should be good as new. It took three.

Well I went back home cried the rest of the day. My husband came home , looked at me in shock and said..Who are you?  what stage of cancer re-mission are you in, and what have you done with my beautiful wife I left here this morning. I cried some more..

I explained it all thru tears and in later years we laughed a lot about it and in the telling of it,but not on this day. He was a trooper about it . He said let me drive you to the mall we will pick you up some nice wigs and you can wear the one you like the best and I will take you out to dinner, you'll feel better about it then.. You might even like to get something new to wear along with it.

Over the course of the next 3 years he would say wear the red wig tonight I think I should love to be seen with a beautiful red head on the town tonight!!

And that is how I got thru that.


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 7 years ago from southeast georgia

      Hey another lesson learned!!! but we did have musch fun with the wigs!!!

      thanks for the comment..

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 7 years ago from Deep South, USA

      OH...MY...GOODNESS! (Said like only a Southern woman can say it.) What an awful experience!

      I'm glad your hair finally grew back undamaged, even though it took longer than you expected. Good thing you had those wigs. If they were all different colors, you could be a "different" woman whenever you liked without enduring the chemical process of dyeing your hair.

      I tend to be a bit absent-minded anyway (and have been all my life--this is not a "senior moment" issue), so I'm very cautious about containers. I avoid having any two that resemble each other but with different contents. Also, I never pour into an empty container something other than its original contents. Too dangerous when you're forgetful, even if you label it correctly. Who looks at a label when you're in a hurry?

      Believe me, jorja...if I'd had the EPIL STOP and the green bottle of conditioner, the same thing would have happened to me. (If that's any consolation....)


    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 7 years ago from southeast georgia

      yes I have them to this day..LOL

      thanks and you are right it did make me appreciate what could happen and the support one needs to get thru such..

      thank you..

    • Margaret Murphy profile image

      Margaret Murphy 7 years ago

      This is a hoot! - What an horrible experience for you but you should have gained some feeling for those who are going through chemo - and let us never forget what a shock to their system it is - to lose all their hair in their fight for life. We should support them like your husband (sounds like a great guy) supported you.

      Sorry it took three years - long time. Hope you kept the red wig - sounds like some fun times with it!!