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I Love Faux Jewelry! And Look Fashion Forward to the Return of Elegance Including Camrose Kross

Updated on December 5, 2011

I love faux jewelry and my checkbook does too! Faux jewelry has existed since the 1920s. And many of the top fashion designer love faux jewelry too! The days of elegant dressing are returning - and faux jewelry is helping! Journey with us as we explore faux jewelry and the fashion changes we are experiencing from ripped jeans back to elegance.

Designers such as Judith Jack to CoCo Chanel to Kenneth Jay Lane and the list goes on and on....

And the replica jewelry is an emerging trend. From Princess Diana's wedding ring of the gorgeous blue sapphire to the hundreds of pieces popularized by iconic Jackie Kennedy in the Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry Collection.

Co Co Chanel was one of the first designers to love faux jewelry.

Chanel is renown for her long gold chains and extensive use of pearls and her Maltese crosses - as shown with her wearing all three famous jewelry pieces as shown below.

Must Have Faux Jewelry

Replica estate jewelry by Jackie's
Replica estate jewelry by Jackie's
Replica estate jewelry by Jackie's
Replica estate jewelry by Jackie's
Jacqueline Kennedy Collection by Camrose and Kross
Jacqueline Kennedy Collection by Camrose and Kross
Co Co Chanel wearing her famous faux jewelry - photo courtesy of
Co Co Chanel wearing her famous faux jewelry - photo courtesy of

Fashion Hair to Clothes Trends 1940s to Present

Faux Jewelry

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
Katie Holmes Inspired courtesy of
Katie Holmes Inspired courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

QVC Diamonique Jewelry Quality

First Creditability - Faux Pearls

The emergence of faux jewelry was escalated when faux glass pearls were created.

The faux pearls not only offered accessibility by the majority of the populace but also offer greater beauty in consistency of both size and color

I love faux jewelry and always have! And always will! I love the elegance, I love the styling and of course, I love the price!

Return To Elegance

Immediately following the last recession, there was a resurgence and return to glamour and elegance.

It is said that history always repeats itself - and fashion mavens know clothing and jewelry are no different.

There will be a return to elegance and wearing pearl necklaces daily even with jeans will be common place. Although, I believe the return to elegance will also include shunning jeans for dresses, sexy jeans are here to stay.

Journey with us as we review this great new trend in both jewelry and fashion. The future is bright - come and see why!

Why Faux - Frugal of Course!

Costume jewelry also known as fashion jewelry is wonderful not just because it pleases the pocketbook but because of the variety and the quality.

Imagine having an outstanding piece of jewelry for under $100 and having it look like a $10,000 piece!

Yes, in the olden days costume jewelry looked cheap. Then we upgraded the materials and now the results are amazing - look at the three examples to the right.

They look real and yet they are purely "paste" as my Grandmother would say.

The cost of production is lower in recent decades and the quality today with cubic zirconia is outstanding. Gone are the days of cheap, low quality rhinestones.

And yet, vintage faux jewelry is hot! I love old Christmas pins from long ago. The enamel and the rhinestones were charming - not made to look necessarily real but beautifully done and fun!

Coco Chanel continues even today to have her faux pieces highly sought after. It was Coco Chanel who did the extensive pearls and bold gold.

Designer faux jewelry from long ago remains a wonderful past time for me to shift through the various websites and eBay is always great about sending me alerts.

Even Disney Has Couture Jewelry!

When Disney is in on a fashion trend, you know it will last! As the photos showcase, even Disney is picking up the return of elegance and our love of faux jewelry.

Fake is Chic

Fake is chic even among the elite. Paris Hilton has been sporting large sparkly bling which is fake of all things!

Glitter and Gold and Glamour

Bling is the bright and shiny but equally important is the glitter and gold. Chanel's love chains serve to elongate the body and add a wonderful vertical element to any fashion but add in some gold - and now it is truly glitter and gold and pure glamour!

Casual Days Will Remain

Casual days will remain with us but will be less frequent.

Individuality Will Continue to Reign

As we have spoken before, cuff links

Elegance is not something you put on for evening. It's an all-day, everyday quality that begins with your attitude and finds expression in your wardrobe. It's about choosing well--made clothes and putting them together carefully and creatively. What looks elegant now?

The idea of "casual" business days was that allowing people to dress down would promote camaraderie, comfort, less competition. It was thought the bottom line would be a harder/working employee.

You've probably noticed that a lot of these so-called athletic clothes actually have the ironic effect of making some people appear less athletic than they would in almost any other outfit, but let's forget that. The actual result of throwing out the rules of traditional business dress is that many employees feel less sure of themselves, more competitive, and more anxious. The result has been a lowering of morale, a loss of stability, and a lot of grumbling.

We're not about to say that giving up a tie on Friday promotes revolution. And in fact we've been on record for some time now on the issue of comfort; the whole idea of individualized clothing is devoted to personal comfort. But what we have always been conscious of is that individuality and comfort are not the enemies of propriety and appropriateness. In the end, the clothes that make sense are the ones that bring together the public and private man. The CTDA believes that individuality, propriety, and comfort can be nicely brought together in a good fitting, well-made suit.

Created Pink Sapphire

Dresses and Return to Classic Elegance

2009 Kelly Ripa courtesy of
2009 Kelly Ripa courtesy of
2007 Kelly Ripa courtesy of
2007 Kelly Ripa courtesy of

Return of Dresses! Elegance Returns!

Return of Dresses

If you watch Kelly Ripka, you will note she has been wearing more and more dresses. This trendsetter is a pioneer in fashion. What she wears, the fashion buyers will take note, and you and I will be wearing more dresses in the next fashion trend.

Return of Elegance!

Along with the return of dresses will be the accompanying return to elegance. 2008 was a year of great depression, 2009 a climb and struggle for survival, in 2010 we will start to feel human again with smiles on our face. We will seek to outwardly display this joy in our clothing. A return to elegance and appreciation for refinement and classics such as the dress Kelly Ripka is wearing. And look at those classic heels! Everything matching - very classic and very elegant indeed!

Return of Classic Dresses

The classic dress with the waistline to showcase the female figure is returning! This cut is one of my personal favorites. It highlights the waistline, camouflages the difficult thighs and hips and is the epitome of truly elegant fashion.

Baggy Dresses Begone

The days of baggy dresses are leaving us!


Any not a moment too soon!

One glance at Kelly Ripa from 2007 in her baggy fuschia dress - even Kelly Ripka couldn't make that dress look great! Baggy dresses begone - forever we can only hope. But as we know, all fashions in time return - the good, the bad and the ugly.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

Sexy Jeans - Staying Power

Sexy jeans have staying power. Men adore women in these tight fitting jeans, women enjoy the looks - this fashion statement has lasting power! Because it is truly sexy!

Other jean fashion statements do not have the same staying power as sexy jeans. Sex always sells - throughout the ages and throughout all fashions.

Ripped Jeans - Begone

The days of the ripped jeans being so chic are almost behind us. The days of slim sexy jeans will remain in style for many years yet - and may be a permanent fashion.

Cameron Diaz does make thes ripped jeans look great but that is the magic of Cameron Diaz not the ripped jeans!

White Skinny Ripped Jeans

White ripped jeans with the cigarette legs or skinny jeans were all the rage 2 years ago and continued through even the all of 2009.

The problem with white ripped cigarette leg jeans is unless you have a perfect body, the majority of us cannot pull of this look.

Rhineanna looks great in this perfect combination of white skinny ripped jeans and her white bousilier but how many people can really pull together that look and make it really work?

Baggy Jeans - A Thing of the Past

Like all fashion styles, everything resurfaces. And like some extreme fashion statements, we are happy when that particular fashion dies.

And that is exactly how I feel about the baggy jeans.

Baggy jeans encourage sloppiness.

Baggy jeans are not any one's friend.

Farewell and good riddance to baggy jeans!

Jeans for Comfort

There was a time in our history where jeans were taboo. I don't beleive we will hit that level of no jeans but I do believe we are returning to a fashion age of elegance and greater appreciation for our appearnance along with a greater formality.

Future for Fashion is Bright, Beautiful and Elegant Too!!!

The resurgance of faux jewelry combined with classic elegance and more dresses is very different from our past history of fashion. Looking forward, the return to elegance is an exciting new era which is rushing in! The future for fashion is bright, beautiful and elegant too!


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Peg Cole17,

      You have exquisite taste - the 1920's lavalier necklaces are very distinctive and rare. What a treat! Yes, the ripped jeans never made to my wardrobe except for this year when I fell from my patio's stone planter and caught my inner thigh on the brick. I ruined my jeans - completely ripped but probably saved myself from broken bones or a broken hip. I couldn't agree more - return to elegance - hooray!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      What a great expo on fashion trends. I'm so glad that the ripped jeans are on the way out. What a mess. We used to throw out jeans when they looked like that. I'm really fond of the old vintage lavalier necklaces from the 20s - have a few of these in the jewelry box. The return of elegance, hooray!

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      I couldn't agree more! Losing an earring is heartbreaking - and then IF it is expensive - oh, ruins my week - my month and I do remember for years!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Faux jewelry is the way to go! I love it too... especially because you don't feel as bad if you lose it :)

    • Jayne Lancer profile image

      Jayne Lancer 8 years ago from West London, UK

      I love costume jewellery. As you say, it is excellent nowadays. Cubic zirconia is man-made diamond, and only an expert can tell the difference from the real (natural) thing.

      Yes, you're absolutely right. This year we'll be very elegant, and make-up will be more natural looking. Like you, I'm also glad to see the back of bagginess. I'd even welcome the return of the sheath dress.

      An enjoyable read!

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 8 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Great hub.

      Ladies love jewelry and gentlemen love to see it.