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I Tried Different Hair Removal Products And Methods

Updated on October 28, 2019
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Pink Beauty is the owner of Loves trying out new things, a traveler, reviewer, a food lover and a travel junkie.

I tested the most used products and methods to remove hair for you, so you don’t have to.

Ever since I’ve hit puberty, I’ve been struck by the terrible hair growth monster, coming from a family where hair growth is a problem, it's super thick all over my body, besides my head, this was an issue. However, I never did much besides shave on that odd day or just let my hair out. Until today I did not always remove hair from my body, mostly because with shaving it grows back really fast (within a day), waxing leaves me with a whole lot of rashes and nasty burns (I’m sensitive like that), I don’t have enough money for laser treatment and so I just decided to invest in an epilator since that seems like a long-term investment. But I have experimented a lot! So here are my experiences from different hair removal methods and products…

Let's start with the basic. Shaving!

Shaving is easy, cheap and you can get it done yourself without going to the nearest beautician. The bad part though, is the fear of getting cut from your razor, it also leaves strawberry legs and the hair grows back quite quickly. Shaving may also leave you with some ingrown hairs and it may grow back a little darker. However, after using the Olay and Venus razor, I noticed my skin feeling softer and smoother for at least four days, which is a miracle for me, since my hair usually grows back overnight. It also leaves a really nice fragrance making you feel fresh and well..happy. Trust me, keeping this razor is a lifesaver, especially when you need it urgently.


This doesn’t sit well with me, first of all, after waxing there is sometimes a little wax left on your skin, which makes you feel sticky and secondly I have waxed my underarms and maybe the wax was too hot or maybe my skin did not react well to the wax, either way, it burnt my underarms. Waxing is also supposed to remove ingrown hairs, however with me, I got more ingrown hairs. I also tried waxing my legs and arms and the same thing happened, it burnt my leg and left a rash on my arms. But for most people like my sister, it works wonders! With waxing, the hair grows back thinner and soon it looks like there is nothing there. But just because it didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for you. There are many people out there who prefer waxing then other methods. Waxing also leave your skin smooth for at least two weeks, sometimes more, depending on your hair growth. So give it a try and see how it goes!

However if you had a bad experience like me, then read on..


This is my baby. The first time you epilate it is terribly painful, but you soon realize it is definitely worth it. An epilator is a small uhmm..machine (I think), which has little tweezers attached to it. This makes it easy to remove any hair. I first started epilating before going to shower and noticed it was a little too painful, after doing some research I started using the epilator after my shower and this lessened the pain. This is because your skin is still soft after you shower, hence it is easier to pull out the hair. With epilating my skin stayed hair free for almost a week, and after doing it for a month it has now been hair free for almost 3 weeks. You soon get used to the pain, and after that it feels like nothing. I use the Philips Epilator for my legs and underarms. This is truly a magical hair removal product, there are different epilators, but this is the one that works for me.

There are also epilators to remove facial hair, this is one that I believe every woman needs, you never know when that stubborn dark hair might appear, and the same thing happens as with waxing, it soon grows thin and fine that it is less noticeable than before. The best facial epilators include: Remington, Finishing Touch, Gillete Venus, however if you want an all-in-one epilator for face and body, then the Braun Silk Epilator is the one for you.

My Conclusion.

Well, shaving is the last-minute resort, it is best to always keep a razor and some shaving cream with you, just in case, but with the Olay and Venus Razor, you only need to keep the razor as it has attached moisture gliding blades on it, this works like shaving cream.

Waxing has not worked well with me, but it has worked well with others, always patch test first, something which I didn’t do, after that you can tell if your skin will react well or not. If it does, then just stick to it, however if it doesn’t then..

Epilating is the one for you, it’s just a once off installment, this means that you just buy the machine, no need to spend extras on waxing kits, laser removal or shaving every month. Epilating is also the best solution for long-term results (for me), it also saves you time, it took at least 10 minutes to do my underarms, at least 20 minutes for my legs, and about 10-15 minutes for my arms. Over time it has reduced hair growth.

What ever product you use, please remember to PATCH TEST FIRST!

Don't forget to share your hair removal methods and stories below.


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