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Pictures of tattoos - I Love My Family tattoos

Updated on October 17, 2011

Tattoos and Society

I love tattoos. Tattoos can be a beautiful work of art that lasts forever. Many people in society still look down on people with tattoos. On this page you will find photos of tattoos in my family.

I do not understand why the stereotyping of those who have them. I see tattoos as only beautiful drawings on ones body. Many people associate tattoos with drugs and or violence and gangs. But, today many different people of all ages and ethnicity are getting tattoos. Although tattoos are popular, a lot of workplaces are requiring a dress code which require that they must be covered up. Employers believe tattoos can act as a distraction. But, What if it is a religious believe. U can not discriminate based on someones religion. An employer may be able to be sued for religious discrimination. Although it is rare that a tattoo represents someones religious believes, it is possible.

The average person actually gets a tattoo to be cool and or sometimes it may show an event in there life or the tattoo may represent something that they love or don't want to let go off, something they will always be able to see. Most people get a tattoo when they are young, although my grandmother got one and I was shocked but, I thought it was awesome, and I know a patient in a nursing home who stated she got hers at the age of 70, which is VERY uncommon. It was a clover on her for arm.

I got my first tattoo the very day I turned 18 and I couldn't wait. I was actually counting down the days. I knew my mom absolutely hated them, so I would have never been allowed to get one before then. I could never understand why she disapproves of them so much. My first one was just a small rose, nothing special, but at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever, partly because I was never allowed to have one and I think they are so beautiful and unique. My brother got a lot of tattoos after he turned 18. He really regrets them now but at the time he thought they were the greatest thing. Most were not professionally done at all. He got one with a friend when they were out drinking of the same tattoo. Although he says he regrets them, I believe he acts that way to make my mother happy. He always has to go along with whatever she says these days. I do not know why, I think he just wants to make her happy. My daughter begged me to let her have one, and I decided to let her. It didn't matter to me, if that's what she wanted to do. We both went together to George Cabisca, in Bradford, PA and got them done, great pricing too. I LOVE my tattoo, it's the best. I honestly think he did an awesome job. My daughters looks good but, she could not stop moving when he was doing it and screaming the entire time. I didn't think she would ever want to get another one but she has been talking about another one lately. I was suprised the tattoo came out ok, because she was moving so much.

I could NEVER allow my mom to find out because she would be so upset that I let her do it, but I just don't get why its such a big deal to her. Her tattoo is on her back so no one can see it unless she shows them or wears a bathing suit. I personally wouldn't care if it was showing. I only made her put it there because my mother and I don't hold the same beliefs and to save an argument. I just think my mom is always worried about what other people have to say about things but I do not care. I live my life for me and no one else. I think people should concentrate on more important things in life instead of what other people look like or what they may choose to do, so long as they are not hurting anyone else. Tattoos don't bother anyone else, they cause no harm to other people and if you don't like it, DONT LOOK!!!! The man who did my daughters tattoo said, he also does his own children, who are a lot younger than my daughter. I would recommend anyone in the Bradford area interested in getting a tattoo to visit George. I won't ever go anyplace else. George and his wife are awesome people who work well together and want to make sure you love your TATTOO!!

My Familys tattoos

My daughters tattoo!
My daughters tattoo!
My daughter and I
My daughter and I
There I am...
There I am...
my favorite tattoo!!
my favorite tattoo!!
flowers and butterfly tattoos.
flowers and butterfly tattoos.
tattoo of a bear.
tattoo of a bear.

This is my tattoo on my ankle of a bear, I am not fond of. I am plaining to add some more scenery aroind it, when I can afford too. In the beginning I had the rose. I got the rose in Olean, new York, at a place called the Underground, when I was 18. A few years later I added The bear, in North Carolina. My brother, his wife and I, all decided to get tattoos that day. It was a fun day, but I wish I would have added more, but unfortunitly I couldn't afford to add more that day. One day I will get it finished when I have the money.

Brionna Levine

My first grandchild only lived six weeks and I got her actual footprints on my forearm.


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    • metalmomma27 profile image

      metalmomma27 6 years ago from Hornell,New York

      I love the tats! Im a new tattoo artist. I have my own business from home. I plan on getting shooting stars on my left foot with my children names. and gettinng a chinese orchid with a tree frog sitting on it on the right foot. I doing a cover up of a blue bird holden a pistol on my husband. Right now a really good friend is doing my husband's sleeve of tribal and barbwire and eddie from iron maiden i cant wait to see it when its done

    • Japemwellows profile image

      Japemwellows 7 years ago from 5ifth Dimensi0n

      Being tatted is well addictive, I like this hub! =)

    • JulieMcDaniel profile image

      JulieMcDaniel 7 years ago from Tylertown,Ms

      love the tats keep getting them and showing them well.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Cool I have 11 so

    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Nice tats. :) I am still working on my first....

    • entertianmentplus profile image

      entertianmentplus 8 years ago from United States

      Nice Hun I liked it a lot

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      aaaah I got a big one today.... I love it....

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Thank You Ozzy!

    • profile image

      Ozzy Soth 8 years ago

      Tattoos are a personal expression that is becoming more and more mainstream, thank goodness. Nice pictures too!

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Yea thats a good quote. lol

    • profile image

      Roland Tumble 8 years ago

      A quote from Brian Setzer, in a book about celebrity tattoos: "My father told me, 'Never get a tattoo wher a judge can see it.'"

    • profile image

      dennisematt 8 years ago

      HAHAHAHA!!! Thats why its my fav..hes stuck now! ;)

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Oh wow, hope you never divorce. lol

    • profile image

      dennisematt 8 years ago

      cool hub. I read it after I saw your comment in the forums. I think tats are really neat. I love to hear the stories behind them. My husband has my name in Old English lettering, across his back...from shoulder to shoulder. I think thats my favorite!!

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Why is that?

    • gurgel1 profile image

      gurgel1 8 years ago from profile

      I hate Tattos.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      I really like your husbands tattoo of Jesus! Have you seen the girl who is suing because her face is now covered in 50 stars instead of three?

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Is this better?

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 9 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      OK thats so much for the advice!


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