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If you are going to buy new sunglasses read these 10 points: Protect your eyes from uv rays

Updated on January 6, 2013

Do we need sunglasses at all?

  • Provided they are made of good quality glass with vision-friendly color and well fitting frames, sunglasses are considered good for eyes.
  • They help filter light and protect vision from damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun.
  • Overall they provide great comfort to the eyes.
  • A wide variety starting from the cheapest and simplest ones and cheap designer sunglasses to very costly ones are available in the market but read the following points to make your choice aptly.

Are sunglasses required during specific seasons or times of the day?

  • UV rays from the sun during early morning hours and evenings have less damaging UV content since the slanting rays have to penetrate more atmosphere.
  • Similarly summer sun has more UV severity than the winter sun.
  • Accordingly sunglasses may be used keeping in mind the comfort of the eyes.

What are the advantages of using sunglasses?

  • They prevent eyes from damaging effects of UV rays of the sun.
  • They filter out some harmful light of particular frequencies.
  • Sunglasses coated with an anti-glare layer protect the eyes against glare or shine.
  • Sunglasses also prevent eyes from high intensity incoming light.
  • They also protect eyes from high or low temperatures if used suitably.
  • Goggles also prevent infection of or physical damage to the cornea at polluted and windy places.

What are the disadvantages of using sunglasses?

  • In the evenings or low light conditions goggles slightly obstruct clear vision.
  • Use of cheap low quality glasses may lead to eye diseases or colour identification disorders.
  • People with glaucoma, colour blindness and night blindness should avoid using sunglasses.
  • If you allow others to use your sunglasses or vice versa, infections like conjunctivitis, keratitis or choreoretinitis etc. may attack your eyes.

What should be the colour of my sunglasses? Should the glasses be deep shaded or light?

  • For general purpose use dark grey or smoke sunglasses are the best. The lens should be dark enough to provide comfort but light enough to see things clearly. Before purchasing one should also test them for evening or low light conditions.
  • If you are on a beach holiday- use grey/smoke glasses
  • If you happen to be in bright sun shine for long hours- use brown/amber, grey/smoke ( use a lens with polarizing filter).
  • If you live in a rainy or cloudy climate- use amber or yellow coloured glasses.

Do doctors prescribe sunglasses?

  • Yes, doctors do prescribe sunglasses under certain conditions.
  • After eye surgery like cataract or IOL implant etc. when eyes need protection from exposure to intense light or even normal intensity light sunglasses or goggles are prescribed for a limited period.
  • Nowadays children starting from the age of three may also be required to wear sunglasses under conditions.

What are other features available nowadays with sunglasses?

Nowadays there are sunglasses which may have

  • an in-built camera or
  • an MP3 player or
  • a walkie-talkie or
  • an embedded rear viewer or
  • a pen drive etc.

Which kind of sunglasses will suit your face shape?

  • Large glasses look best in large faces, small ones in small faces.
  • Following face shapes are best suited for the goggles’ shapes mentioned below:

Diamond shaped face- Curved frame with size equal to your cheek bones

Oval- Best face shape for goggles; frame size should be equal to the broadest part of your face.

Square- Oval frames, bridge and hinges near the top of the frame, say above eye level.

Round- Wide rectangle shape with bridge and hinges above eye level

wide top tapering bottomed face- Square goggles for gents, cats’ eye goggles for women

Tapering top wide bottomed face- Aviator and bow tie shaped frames/ Rectangular/ Temples and bridge should be near the middle of the frame.

Long- Round shaped/ temples and bridges should be near mid line of the frame.

Should children use sunglasses?

  • Children should also be allowed to wear sunglasses if they prefer to.
  • UV rays are harmful to their vision too and given they are less aware about protections it is the duty of the parents to make their children cognizant about this.
  • But care must be taken so that kids do not use cheap quality glasses which may lead to vision getting colour blinded.

How much do they cost?

  • Starting from a few dollars sun glass prices may be very high in accordance with the sophistication they carry.
  • Even designer sunglasses are available cheaply.
  • Sunglasses like Mos Lipow, Chrome Hearts Kuffannaw, Louis Vuitton Evasion, Dolls and Gabbana DG2027B etc. cost from some thousand dollars to some lacs of dollars.
  • Beware not to get fooled by fake brands.

Heard about Google Glasses?

Alongside QNX based handsets and internet connected cars, Google Glasses have been counted as one of the top tech buzzes to take the markets by storm in 2013.

These project glasses will be equipped with ability to provide you with all the information you need about a particular thing you are looking at.

Google glasses or Google goggles will implement this through a state-of-the-art technique known as AR or Augmented Reality. It depends on Google maps and navigation for its working.

Such glasses are still in testing phase but Google is said to launch it sometime soon in 2013.

These smart glasses will be based on Android operating system.

The new system with AR will provide an option to users to fit it in lenses of their spectacles.

The price of Google glasses is rumored to lie anywhere from $250 to $600.

To get an idea about how these glasses may be useful and how they work, see these videos on Youtube:


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