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Importance and types of clothes

Updated on January 11, 2016

Different types of clothes

As you know, early man lived in caves and used to wear leaves and skin of animals.

Later on, he started wearing clothes. he slowly learnt the art of weaving and stitching clothes.

All of us wear different types of clothes. What about you ? Can you name how many clothes do you change in a day ?

  1. At office ------ Uniform .
  2. At home ------Loose, comfortable.
  3. Going out for a party --------Party dress.
  4. Going to bed --------------------Night dress.

In this way, we can see that we wear different types of clothes for various purposes.

Different types of clothes
Different types of clothes | Source

Importance of clothes

  • Clothes protect us from heat of the sun.
  • You can see your office uniform or dress when you reach home. It is dirty. You can see dirt and dust sticking on your clothes. If we do not wear clothes, this dust will stick on your body. So, clothes protect us from dust and dirt.
  • During rains, we wear raincoats and gumboots to protect ourselves from rains.
  • Woolen clothes protect us from cold weather and keep us warm.
  • Clothes also protect us from insect bites.
  • We look smart in clothes.

Clothes | Source

Types of clothes

People wear different type of clothes depending on the weather and climatic conditions of a place. Clothes are made of cloth. Clothe is made of fibres.

Fibers are spun into long threads. These threads are woven into clothes.

Fibers can be of two types

Natural fibers

Jute, cotton, linen, etc., are natural fibres. We get them from plants. Silk and wool are also natural fibers. We get them from animals.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are man-made fibers. Examples : Rayon, nylon, polyester and lycra.

Synthetic clothes are stronger than natural fibers. They are wrinkle free, waterproof and some are stretchable.They also catch fire easily. So, it is better to wear natural fiber clothes.

we wear light-coloured cotton clothes in summer because they keep our body cool. They have pores in between the threads so they allow the body heat to escape and absorb the sweat easily. light-coloured clothes reflect sunlight and keep us cool.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes
Cotton clothes | Source

Winter clothes

Winter clothes
Winter clothes | Source

We wear dark-coloured woolen clothes in winter. Silk and woolen clothes do not allow the body heat to escape and keep our body warm. Dark-coloured clothes absorb sunlight and make us feel warm.

Some people are recognised my their dresses only, e.g., doctor, nurse, pilot, policeman, sportsman, etc.

People in different states also wear different dresses. Their clothes depend a lot on climatic conditions of that place.

Interior Clothes (Undergarments)

We social people are very much used to wear undergarments. These undergarments maintain hygiene of inner parts of our body as well as make us look more attractive in our clothes.

Mostly people wear only cotton undergarments, as cotton is most safe fabric for our skin and body.

Ladies wear bra as undergarment on their upper part of the body. These bras not only prevents their breast from sagging but also maintain their body shape and with the help of bra ladies look more attractive in clothes. These bra should be of proper size for best results otherwise they may tend to many problems like backache, breast cancer, cervical pain, etc.

For best results ladies should use bra size calculator, UK calculator for UK sizes, US calculator for US sizes, and vise versa.

People of different states wearing different clothes

Dresses of different states
Dresses of different states | Source

Care of clothes

Clothes protect us so we should also take care of clothes. Woolen and silk clothes are very delicate. They can be easily attacked by moths and silverfish. So, we must put moth balls or neem leaves in these clothes while storing them.

Woolen clothes should be dry cleaned.

Cotton clothes should be washed with a good quality detergent or soap and should be rinsed properly in water to remove dirt, dust and germs.

White clothes should be dried in the sun to get rid of germs but coloured clothes should be dried in shade to avoid fading of colours.

Draping saree

Points to remember

  • Clothes protect us from heat, cold, rain, dirt, dust and germs.
  • We wear light-coloured cotton clothes in summer.
  • We wear dark-coloured woolen clothes in winter.
  • People wear different types of clothes according to their profession.
  • Clothes are made of synthetic fibers or natural fibers.
  • We should look after our clothes property. thay should be washed and dried properly.

At Office
Office uniform
At home
Loose, comfortable
Going out for a party
Party dress
Going to bed


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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Clothes are important, to cover ourselves and to an image too