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Increase your beauty with milk

Updated on August 30, 2013

Everyone knows that Milk is a complete food. It is very nourishing with full of vitamins. But apart from just drinking milk it is very beneficial if you apply them directly on your face or skin. Using milk for beauty is the best, easy and cheap way. So keep all your other cosmetics on one side of your shelf and introduce milk in your daily routine.


Here are some very good uses of milk for your daily beauty routine.

  • Face Cleanser: Milk is a very good face cleanser or makeup remover. Just dip the cotton ball in cold milk, squeeze it and clean your face with milk then wash with warm water. This will help to remove all the dirt and makeup and milk will also moisturise your face. You will feel very fresh.

  • Face Pack: Add fuller’s earth in milk and use as a face pack. It gives cooling effect on hot days. Also relives the sunburn. As just fuller’s earth has drying effect on skin adding milk will add the moisturiser.
  • Cooling Pack:Cold milk act as a cooling pack for eyes. Dip the cotton ball into cold milk squeeze them and put them over your eyes for five minutes will give you nice cooling eye pack for tired eyes.
  • Skin Pigmentation: While boiling the milk in a pan, if you put your palm over it and take the steam in your hand and put over your face will remove the skin pigmentation if done regularly.
  • Curing Melasma:Make a paste of the white flour (maida) and milk. Appling this paste on face and neck improves the skin pigmentation.
  • Dark circles: Add honey with milk’s cream, use this paste under the eyes will remove the dark circles under the eyes. Same paste can be used for lips as well. Honey and cream makes lips soft and pink.
  • Clear Complexion without pimples: Add a pinch of nutmeg powder with milk apply it on your face for 20 minutes then exfoliate while you wash it off with warm water. Skin will become fair and glowing. Also it clears the pimples. This mixture may tingle little bit. But it smells good.
  • Night Cream: Use milk’s cream as a night cream. Apply cream on your face before sleeping and wash with warm water will give you beauty like never before. Apply it daily especially during winters.
  • Hair remover: If you have unwanted hair here is the remedy. Soak red lentil (masoor dal) in a milk overnight, in the morning make a paste and a pinch of turmeric powder. Rubbing the mixture on your face and hands will remove the unwanted hair.
  • Fair skin: Appling glycerine in milk’s cream with few drops of lemon will make your face skin bright and soft.

Have you ever used Milk for you skin.

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