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Indulgent Hair Care - How to Get Healthy and Glossy Hair

Updated on May 13, 2009

Women generally have emotional attachments to their hair - but seldom look after it properly. While it may be time consuming, caring properly for your hair is a very worthwhile activity. Knowing you have good hair can boost your confidence, as well as make you look amazing. Learn how to give your hair a manicure and have it party-prepped in under an hour.

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Here's how to give yourself a great hair manicure for healthy locks:

1. Soak

Hair should always be washed in tepid and not hot water. After both shampooing and conditioning, your hair should be rinsed for at least 2 minutes to get rid of the products. Before stepping out of the shower, always try to finish hair off with a rinse under cold water - if you can spare the time. This helps give your hair maxiumum shine.

2. Buff

Sleek hair can feel great and can be achieved by using a product that smooths the cuticle and makes your hair silky. Use a serum ever couple of shampoos to keep your hair super-glossy.

3. Base coat

To protect your hair and achieve a longer-lasting style, a heat protecor must always be used on your hair. They are generally heat activated and protect your hair from excessive drying and damage. Apply and style as normal.

4. Polish

Hair laquers are great for giving your tresses a lustrous finish. It can be compared to a clear nailpolish - but for your hair - and helps to keep your hair looking groomed and glossy. A good tip to remember is not to apply to much, or else risk your hair looking and feeling sticky or greasy.

5. Top coat

Perfumed hair mists help to add fragrance to your hair and complete your look by delighting a different sense. Spritz a little into your hair after styling and you're ready to go. 

Be indulgent and give your hair a manicure. It doesn't have to be done religiously and is a great thing to do for a girly night in.


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    • Waren E profile image

      Waren E 8 years ago from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............

      I think I'll need a nice fur manicure, and a lustrous finish ..LOL!:D

      thanks for this splendid hub C.Frantic,I learned a lot!