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Ingle and Rhode Reviews

Updated on February 18, 2013
Ingle & Rhode Reviews are Positive and Helpful
Ingle & Rhode Reviews are Positive and Helpful

The phrase “The Ethical Jeweler” is no longer a contradiction thanks to Ingle & Rhode. Based in London, England, Ingle & Rhode specializes in fine jewelry, while addressing the industry issues of human exploitation, conflict diamonds and environmental damage.

If you have your own ideas and personal style, you can have one of their experts custom design your jewelry. They can create unique and customer specific pieces that will fit your budget.

You may ask how they have addressed the issues of human exploitation, conflict diamonds and environmental damage. They have achieved this through detailed research that has allowed them to create supply chain that traces the origin of all materials used in their jewelry, from gold to diamonds.

This chain is used to prevent the use of materials that come from businesses that exploit their workers, as well as to prove that the money exchanged is not used to fund conflicts. The environmental impact of obtaining these precious metals and gems can be a problem as well, so this chain ensures that the environmental impact is minimized. A part of this process involves the use of recycled gold and platinum.

As a pioneer in the industry, Ingle & Rhode is licensed to sell certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold jewelry, making them one of the first in the world to participate in this process.

You may think that these ethical safeguards levels of service will increase the cost. Ingle and Rhode offer wedding and engagement rings at prices that are comparable to other high-quality jewelry brands. As they make jewelry to order, they can tailor your design to match the budget you would like to work to. Please be patient as the custom jewelry is usually completed within six weeks.

If you decide to visit Ingle & Rhode, make sure you contact them first for an appointment.

Ingle & Rhode delivers socially responsible jewelry at competitive prices. You can be assured that you’re new stunning jewelry did not come at the detriment of others.

Ingle and Rhode Reviews

In addition to offering ethical jewelry to their clients, Ingle & Rhode also provide an incredible customer experience. The Ingle & Rhode reviews page on their website highlights many clients that have nothing but positive feedback. They also have many other positive reviews elsewhere on the internet.

5 stars for Ingle & Rhode Jewelry


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