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Inspirational Women With A Message for Other Women, in Their Music

Updated on January 12, 2012

Beyonce's Beauty is Inspirational to All Women

Beyonce's Beauty is Inspirational
Beyonce's Beauty is Inspirational

Beyonce's Music Inspires Women, Who Represent their Men

Beyonce's Messages

What Message is Beyonce Sending Women in the, "Let me UpGrade You Video?"

What this video says to women everywhere is represent your man, by upgrading his presence larger then life with you as the upgrading factor.

For many years women have been letting themselves go, by not styling their hair, or wearing makeup or dressing to impress to better enhance their looks, not saying that a women doesn't have a natural beauty, but men are naturally attracted to women who can light up a room with her presence. I haven't found a man yet, who wanted a woman that other men weren't attracted to or interested in.

A man's favorite words to another men is "She's a real looker" when he's speaking of a beautiful women, and we have all heard that one before. Beyonce is a lady with both beauty and brains and all women could stand to take a lesson from her on how to keep our mates focused with his attention solely on us.

Here are a few beauty tips, that can help every woman look beautiful in her own right:

The first tip is for your complexion: if you are a woman who suffers from an oily skin which causes acne, then there is a product just for you. It's a skin penetrating formula called Deep Clean by Neutrogena, it works great on drying out pimples and reducing acne from the inside out completely reducing blemishes overnight.

The next tip is on finding the perfect foundation and or powder for you. If you are a woman of color or not there is a great line of cosmetic products out there for you, one of which I use myself is Cover Girl foundation, as I have very sensitive skin. I have found that Cover Girl offers the perfect color which matches my own skin color.

With wisdom comes dark circles under our eyes, so every woman needs a concealer to erase those circles. Then there's the eye makeup, steer clear of very dark makeup for everyday use, as it makes you looks like you're headed to the club for a night out. I have noticed that in the winter time it's always better to use lighter colors as they make you look younger, and in the summer time darker colors work better for me.

One of the things that I have noticed about Beyonce's presence is, first her hair is always beautiful. Did you know that Beyonce has a line of Lacefront wigs available for women of all colors? What this means is every woman out their can have long beautiful hair just like Beyonce does, at a fraction of the price.

So here's a bit of advice for the woman who likes capturing everyone’s attention in a positive way, when she enters the room. Start at the top of your head and work your way all the way down to the bottom of your feet. Meaning start with your hair, then your face, then your wardrobe, and heels are always sexy, 4 inches is always kind of comfortable for me. I have found that when I look good I feel good, How do I know I look good? Because it brings out the perfect gentlemen in men "They open up doors for you". Surprise that special man in your life tonight with a completely new you when he comes home from work, and watch his eyes go from surprised to seductive in a matter of seconds. I hope that this article helps put the romance back in someone’s relationship tonight. (Enjoy ladies and gentlemen).

Beauty Tips Do They Really Work?

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  • holdmycoffee profile image

    holdmycoffee 6 years ago

    Beyonce's Beauty is her job. She has to look beautiful to earn money. For the rest of us, there is real world. As for me, if I get a shower before midnight each day, it is already an accomplishment. Work, family and life get on the way of glamour. My job is to provide for family and no one really cares if my hair and make-up are "just right".