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It Takes Some Courage in Our Dining Room!

Updated on December 23, 2020

Courage fragrance alongside a spectacular menu

Today I want to talk to you about the Courage fragrance, precisely because lately I found myself thinking about the menus that I prepare for the holidays and even the decorations ... However - I said to myself - "I never thought of inebriating the environment with an ad hoc perfume!". Searching and searching again, I found the PURE BIO brand which with its PURE BIO home project offers 100% organic and natural products, ideal for improving our culinary experiences and our daily lives. Yes, because we can choose the fragrance we prefer, relaxing or energizing, and bring it to our rooms.

The result? A more welcoming dining room or a more fragrant office, or a special dinner that becomes even more special! Therefore, I associated this relaxing fragrance with the holidays and my menus on Easter, Father's Day, August 15th and, why not, also on Christmas! In this case, the characteristics of ylang-ylang, vetiver, amber, coconut and vanilla will certainly enhance the event and make the organoleptic experiences that I try to bring to the table even more stimulating.

Intoxicating the dining room ... with creativity and imagination!

Just as the translated name of the fragrance I have chosen tells us, we need courage in the kitchen, the courage to bring something unique to the table, such as dishes characterized by good use of spices, but also by foods with an exotic and different flavour from those we are used to. This is my philosophy when it comes to holidays and innovative dishes to be savoured. Precisely for this reason, the Courage fragrance inspired me ...

Its special composition, given by the floral note of ylang-ylang and the presence of vetiver, promotes creativity and makes our creations even more imaginative thanks to amber, coconut and vanilla. In addition to this, I am convinced that bringing a relaxing, decisive but non-invasive fragrance into the dining room is the right choice whenever I want a more welcoming environment for my guests and family. It allows us to calm the mind and body, favouring the awakening of the taste buds, which will be able to fully enjoy the important flavours on our tables! This is my thought. And yours ... what is it?

Courage fragrance: diffuser or a scented candle?

Having said that, all I have to do is think about the next menu ... What could perfectly combine with a soothing and full-bodied relaxing fragrance? In my opinion, for a nice romantic dinner, the top is the scented candle, which recalls the goodness of a fantastic dessert like that of chocolate and coconut mousse ... but the combinations are almost infinite! Instead, I would use the diffuser for family reunions: with the right fragrance, we can certainly warm our hearts and spend a pleasant (and intoxicating!) Evening with friends.

In short, the Courage fragrance inspires me all this and much more, but I am still looking for a dish that can go well with the refined scent of amber and ylang-ylang. What do you think about it? I'll let you know what came to my mind ... And so, our cuisine for intolerants will become even tastier. I'm sure!

© 2020 special food


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