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I've Been Using WEN Hair Care for 6 Months and Here's My Review

Updated on November 9, 2012

Add to Cart? Remove from Cart?

Am I the only one that has debated trying WEN Hair Care products for YEARS? I've had the stuff in my online shopping cart more times than I can count. I think my personal concerns were that it's expensive and that I might not feel 'clean' after using it.

For those of you that are not familiar, WEN is a 'cleansing conditioner', a one stop shop and if you happen to catch the infomercial or QVC demo, you will see that it's somewhat of a miracle worker.

I won't waste a ton of time describing what it is, there are about a million websites describing what it is and you've probably already seen it on TV or had the debate with your lady friends over cocktails.

WEN Ginger Pumpkin (Fall 2012)
WEN Ginger Pumpkin (Fall 2012)

I'm Going In

I would have to agree with the rumors that it takes your head a couple of weeks to really adjust to it. I loved the smell and the softness of my hair right away, but the true 'clean' feeling took a little longer. I do have a fairly greasy head after a day of not shampooing, so I wasn't surprised that I had a bit of a waiting period for the 'clean' feeling.

One exciting thing was cleaning out my shower of all of the shampoo and conditioner bottles. It's really nice to have just one pretty, classy looking bottle in the shower. You also need a wide tooth comb and a hair clip if you have long hair. You'll coat your hair in product, semi-suds it up with a little water, comb out, clip up for the rest of the shower and leave rinsing for last. The longer you keep it in the better it works. Depending on the scent you're using, some of them are a little bit minty and tingly, I think you can actually feel it working.

My hair seems much softer and easier to style with WEN. I have long thick hair and a fair amount of natural 'flyaways' but WEN conditions it thoroughly and really substantially decreases the flyaways. It feels light and looks shiny, healthy and smooth once I blow dry and style with a fat curling iron. Even on days that I don't fully style it, I can let it dry and it definitely looks much better than it ever did with shampoo & conditioner.

One great thing that I wasn't necessarily expecting was that my color seemed to stay much longer. I didn't need to get a touch up until about 2 months past when I normally would have and even then it still looked pretty decent.

Everything Has A Drawback Right?

If I had to whine about anything, it would be the price. I bought 2 of the large bottles and it was pretty expensive, about $50 each. It does last a long time, but if you follow the directions and cleanse twice each time, it goes pretty quickly (and takes forever!). For my long thick hair, I do need to use a lot to make it feel like it's working, so I only do two rounds about once a week. One the other days I only do one and it seems just fine. I've been doing every other day, which is the most I can stretch it out to. Some people can get away with only a couple of times a week. I wish I could do that!


It's been 6 months since I started using WEN Hair Care products and I'm definitely in for at least another 6 months. My hair is feeling great and I look forward to using it. The smell and the soft lathering on my head makes it feel a bit spa-like in the shower. If I can ward off the need to color my hair so often, that will save me a few bucks and a few hours at the salon as well.

I will admit that I've used regular shampoo and conditioner twice in the last few months (because of showering at a friend's house). It did feel nice to change it up, but I went right back to the WEN the next day. That says a lot I think!

I'm Sticking With WEN

5 stars for WEN Hair Care


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