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Jade Amulet & Jade Dragon Information

Updated on January 5, 2014

Jade Amulet & Jade Meaning

In the eyes of the Chinese, jade is the beauty of stone, and jade amulets were believed to have the abilities to collect and channel Chi (Qi) - the universal energy that permeates all living things and is the source of all creations. Jade amulets are as ancient as China. You can trace back to 9,000 years ago for the earliest jade gemstones discovered that have been carved into amulets. Since the very beginning of China’s earliest human settlements, jade amulets have been worn as a mystical protector against all evil and bad luck. It was further believed that wearing jade amulets could alter a person’s destiny for increased power by attracting good luck.

A creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of dragon sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots
A creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of dragon sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots

Jade Dragon & Meaning

The symbolic shapes and mystical symbols often carved on an ancient jade amulet varies from incantation inscriptions to animal and people figures. Among which dragon is a legend imaginary animal in Asian, especially in China. It can freely fly in the sky and swim in the ocean. It symbolizes power, bravery, freedom and justice. It is also believed that Dragon is good for Feng Shui - It will safeguard your family.

The dragon jade amulets originated from China, where they were believed to have magical powers. In ancient times, a jade dragon was worn by the emperor, to make him invincible and have eternal life. These days, Jade dragon is designed as jewelry and is a popular item all over the world. Jade dragons are used on earrings, necklaces, and other popular jewelry. They are also used for ornamentation, like statues, candle holders, etc.

Dragon amulets make a great gift, and last forever. They may come in rare colors like golden brown, pure white, and lavender; out of these, pure white is the best and treasured more than any other types. It is believed to bring tranquility and harmony to the wearer.

Statues are most commonly sold in stores. The usual design of the dragon is often a Chinese based one, with a long slim serpent like body and a long face. The legs are larger for support, and they are about 6-10 inches. They are also made of jade, and other non-translucent gemstones. The Chinese believe that a dragon. Even so, there are wyverns, the American styled types that use the same material. Although they are less common, they are evenly popular and cost just as much.


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    • snakebaby profile imageAUTHOR

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 

      8 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Glad you liked it, Doug, I hope your sister would like it too. What kind of jewelry does she make? If she makes jade jewelry and sells them on amazon or ebay, I may be able to list her stuff here :)

    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 

      8 years ago

      Beautiful jewelry and nice hub. I will have to show this to my sister; she makes jewelry.


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