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Japanese hair dressing scissors

Updated on June 13, 2012

Hairdressing Japanese Scissors

Scissors are everyday tool of hairstylists and deserve big attention. Their quality will determine how smooth will hair cutting go, and design of scissors will afect how comfortable they are to work with. If you ever hold hairdressing scissors in your hands, you will know that they must be comfortable and sharp. If you do a hairstyling they shouldn't give you any wrist pain. It is worth to spend a little more on quality scissors which will serve you long time if you treat them nicely.

The most respected and popular are Japanese Scissors made of high quality steel and with precise design. With proper care theses scissors are everlasting, some of manfacturers even have lifetime warranty for their product. That's confidence in what you do I would say. Design that is special, are convex edge blades, which lower the tension when cutting hair, but are so sharp that blades easily cut trough hair. Even other details of japanese scissors are well thought. Finger rings and finger rest are places ergonomicaly to lower the tension in wrists when using scissors.

Japanese scissors manufacturers

There are many hairdressing scissors manufactures. For more information take a look at this list:

  • Kasho scissors
  • Kamisori shears
  • Hikari shears
  • Samurai scissors

Video of scissors manufacturing process

Amazon offers of hairdressing scissors


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    • profile image

      sir adam 5 years ago

      I prefer to use Japanese scissors always because these are superb and blunt in cutting ,smooth and extraordinary in sharpness.I have experience of 14 years as a hair stylist in USA and I have almost 4 stylist who are left handed and I got best left handed hair scissors for them and remaining all 10 stylists are right handed so no worry for me because Japanese brands have all kind of scissors of need

    • profile image

      Nelson Franks 6 years ago

      Feather Styling Razor Introductory Kit Pink Comfortable ergonomic one piece handle is lightweight, with an easy grip, ideally balanced and fatigue-free Safe stainless steel guarded blade Comes with a blade dispenser that is...