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Jennifer Aniston, Questionable Fashion Icon

Updated on July 20, 2010

12 Years, What An 'Evolution'

Jennifer in 1997.
Jennifer in 1997.
Jennifer in 2009.
Jennifer in 2009.

Jennifer Aniston remains in the fashion spotlight in spite of the fact that it has been at least ten years since she had a memorable role in anything. Unlike most of the other members of the hit show 'Friends', Jennifer Aniston is still trailed by paparazzi and can't sun bathe on holiday without first deploying a net of security personnel to push photographers off the sand dunes. We must therefore, ask ourselves why she has not fallen by the wayside like other members of the cast of Friends?

If anyone was to be congratulated and admired for having a career with some longevity, it would be Courtney Cox, who actually has a semi new series in Cougar Town, a mildly awful sitcom about the dreary reality of destroying a marriage and pining for your youth.

But it is Jennifer who still commands magazine covers, in depth articles and continued speculation, in fact, just today I saw an article about 'Jennifer Aniston's Amazing Style Evolution' in the online edition of It's a photo-pictorial piece featuring pictures of Jennifer Aniston from the early 1990's to the present day. Looking through it, I began to wonder if the editors of the piece had bothered to actually look at any of the pictures before they slapped them up on the net and pasted the trite 'Evolution' label over them.

Because what's truly interesting about Jennifer Aniston is actually her complete lack of style evolution. From the early 1990's to today, she's worn her hair at about shoulder length, with occasional wisps and curls for good measure. And that's fine, she's an actress who plays a particular sort of role and does it damn well. If she were being acknowledged for being an excellent actress, I would pick no bones.

Apparently the fact that she changed clothes in the last 20 years is enough alone to qualify her as some kind of style icon. But that's not the real reason of course. The real reason we have any interest in Jennifer Aniston, and the real reason why media outlets continue to harass her everywhere she goes is because she once married Brat Pitt, one of the most desirable men on the planet, and subsequently lost him to sultry uber mother of the world, Angelina Jolie. That's it.

Our fascination with Jennifer Aniston circles entirely around the fact that she lost at the game of love and never quite seems to have recovered, or rather, has never been allowed to recover from it. No amount of gawking at yet another blonde-ish shoulder length cut can cover the fact that we love Jennifer Aniston almost entirely because Brad Pitt doesn't.


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