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Best Self-Tanner: Jergens Express Natural Glow Lotion Review

Updated on August 28, 2012

Great Results In One Day

A week before my family's vacation to Lake Donner I noticed how pale my skin looked. I panicked knowing I would be out in the water with my daughter wearing my bathing suit. Bathing suits never boost my self-esteem, but a healthy glow helps camouflage a few imperfections that love to move whenever I jump around after my daughter. I quickly raced off to my local drugstore to try another self-tanner that would probably turn my skin orange, but I figured a little glow was better than nothing. Fortunately, I found the perfect product that made my entire body look like I just came back from Donner Lake.

I had tried Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer before with moderate results, but had never even heard about the company's EXPRESS version of the same product. Knowing I only had a week to fake a natural looking tan I decided to purchase Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer for medium to tan skin tones (fair to medium skin tones is available too). The product promoted noticeable results in one day and a completely darker shade in three days. Sounded good to me.

I went home and exfoliated and shaved. I waited until after my daughter went to sleep and then I rubbed the product all over my body, minus my elbows and knees. Last, but not least, I mixed just a small amount of regular lotion in with the self-tanner and then applied it to my elbows and knees. This makes the application look more natural. I let the self-tanner dry for a few minutes and then put on baggy pajamas to minimize any transfer onto my clothing. This self-tanner does not dry completely, but it doesn't feel greasy. Instead, it feels like you just put on lotion, which you did. Also, it has a nice smell which is not always true with most self-tanners. Then I headed off to bed.

I know, why did I go to bed? Well, over the years I've discovered some self-tanners smell great at first, but after a few hours the great smell disappears and is replaced with a weird self-tanner smell. I wanted to fake bake while I slept and not have to worry about any unpleasant smell while out in public. Fortunately, after sleeping for six hours, I noticed no unusual smell. Instead, I looked almost one shade darker!

Then I performed the shower test. So many self-tanners look great after one application, but wash away after one jump in the shower. I always test how much color is left on my skin and not circling down the drain. I jumped in the shower, with my almost one shade darker body, and quickly realized the color stayed on my skin. I even scrubbed with a washcloth and still the color remained. Nice.

I used the self-tanner again that morning, seeing how I loved the smell, and headed out for the day. During the day I noticed quite a difference in my skin-tone. Within a few hours I had gone from almost one shade darker to about two shades darker. Two shades darker! At the end of the day I performed my shower test again and the color stayed on my skin. Even my husband thought I had gone swimming with my daughter during the day. Talk about fast results. My skin did not look orange or uneven. I looked healthy and fit, ready for the swimsuit action at Donner Lake.

Pros: Inexpensive ($9), natural looking, easy to apply, great smell and easy to find

Cons: The bottle is too small. Used one bottle in three days.

4 stars for Jergens Express Natural Glow

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