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Jewelry for Mobile Devices

Updated on March 18, 2015
Pink Heart Jewelry Charm
Pink Heart Jewelry Charm | Source
Headphone Jack Jewelry
Headphone Jack Jewelry | Source

Pink Heart Jewelry and Other Beautiful Charms For Mobile Devices

One day while I was in a Verizon store and I saw a woman standing nearby with something pink and sparkly on the top of her phone. I could not take my eyes off of it, and I asked her what it was. As I got closer, I realized it was an adorable pink heart made of beautiful sequin stones. She was excited to show me where she bought it, on a display rack in the store.

There was a variety of MiJack jewelry including a pink heart, a microphone in different colors, a colored crown and a few others. They seem to be selling like hot cakes. Oh course I just had to purchase the pink heart, and it was very reasonably priced at around $5.00. For that price, I bought a couple more to give to friends.

I returned to the store the following week and they were all sold out of pink heart jewelry, but I did manage to find similar charms online.

Headphone Jack Jewelry
Headphone Jack Jewelry | Source
Headphone Jack
Headphone Jack | Source

Old and New Phones - Style and Design Improvements

When cell phones were first invented, they were heavy, clunky devices that seemed a bit awkward to carry around, and were very limited in what was available regarding style, color and design. We've come a long way since then, and cell phones have not only become lighter, thinner and a necessity, but also sleek, stylish and attractive. Cell phones have become smart phones, and along with the advancement in technology comes an array of colors, sizes, styles and manufacturers to choose from.

Decorating phones has been popular for some time, including adding stickers, colorful cases, and second skins to your phones. Sequins and stick-on jewels are also fun and quite decorative. Why do people decorate their phones and other mobile devices? For the same reason you decorate your house, car, office, handbag and's fun, attractive, pleasing to the eye and allows us to personalize our belongings.

Decorative Phone Jewelry
Decorative Phone Jewelry | Source

Why Have Decorative Headphone Jack Caps and Covers Become So Popular?

The colorful, shiny and beautiful array of headphone jack covers have become ever so popular, not only because it's fun to look at and highly decorative, but there is another major advantage: placing a decorative charm in the headphone jack protects your device from moisture damage!

Yes, that's right. It's cool, colorful jewelry, but it also protects your phone from moisture and dust as well.

MiJack Jewelry for Mobile Devices - Crown
MiJack Jewelry for Mobile Devices - Crown | Source
MiJack Jewelry for Mobile Devices - Pink Purse
MiJack Jewelry for Mobile Devices - Pink Purse | Source

Other Cell Phone Decorating Ideas

What other ways can you decorate your cell phone cases? Well, the possibilities are endless, as I found out when I searched for ideas on youtube. I found the most popular videos for decorating phones were for cell phone cases, since they can be decorated independently from the phone. Another cell-phone related item that was popular to decorate was the cell phone charger.

Here are items you can use to decorate your cell phone cases (and cell phone chargers, too):

  • Use colored tape (Scotch brand) or patterned duct tape to create cool patterns
  • Use self-adhesive bling and stick- on jewels
  • Apply stickers to decorate or identify phones
  • Use nail polish to create a design or picture (then coat with clear nail polish to seal); see video below on how to create a cool tie dye effect!
  • Use craft glue and glitter to decorate (again, seal with clear nail polish and thoroughly dry because placing the case on phone, or before plugging charger in outlet)

Note: if using glitter, paint or nail polish on a phone charger, color exposed parts first with scotch tape to protect.

Tie Dye Cell Phone Case Decorating Tutorial - Cool Video!

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