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Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots

Updated on December 20, 2010

Where I come from, a far flung island in the middle of the South Pacific, Ugg Boots used to be a fairly shameful item of footwear only worn by people who could barely stand to get up in the morning in the first place. Indeed, the sight of a woman wearing Ugg boots and pajamas at the supermarket was a sure sign of a kind of hedonism unavailable to the working masses.

Then somebody wore their Ugg boots on a flight to the Northern Hemisphere and all of a sudden they became something of a fashion piece in their own right, which is nice in a way because they represent a rare kind of fashion in which one is deemed to look good whilst also being comfortable. Most women's fashion footwear involves the wearing of devious devices of torture that arch the back weirdly, shorten the calves, contort the neck and generally acting like the equivalent of a DNA changing device that women slip gratefully out of at the end of the day, never knowing quite why they insist on living their lives in painful fashion nightmares in the first place.

After a time however, the initial appeal of the Ugg boot wore off and even American buyers realized that there was something a little downmarket about an Ugg boot. Sure it's a comfortable style of footwear created from the skin of self sacrificing sheep, but its simple and therefore shameful.

Want proof of that fact? Look no further than the head of Jimmy Choo, a woman known to herself and others as Tamara Mellon, who was caught out being comfortable on a plane flight by air hostesses who assumed she would be wearing only the finest ten inch high heels.

NY Mag quotes Tamara, saying: “Uggs were my guilty pleasure until I was on a flight to London and the airline staff said, ‘We’re all so excited to see what shoes you’re wearing!’ I had Uggs on. So now we’ve done a collaboration where I took traditional Uggs and decorated them with the DNA of Jimmy Choo — animal prints and studs.”

The upshot of this shameful encounter was a pair of designer Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots covered in animal prints and studs. I'd love to say that these are adorable and classy and all the rest of it, and perhaps if combined with other clothing that is classy and stylish and all the rest of it, one might be able to overlook these boots. The essential fact of the matter is however that you can dress mutton as lamb, and you can dress Ugg boots like stylish footwear, but nobody is fooled.


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