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Jordana Matte Lipsticks...a Must Have

Updated on July 12, 2011

Quality matte lipsticks for HOW much???

When looking for a matte lipstick, many women are willing to pay for one that has all the qualities a matte lipstick has to offer, and from a brand that offers a variety of colors in their matte lipstick collection. There are several department store brands that offer excellent matte lipsticks, and if you are willing to pay for them, you will be very pleased with what you purchased. Department store lipsticks can be anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00. It used to be that you also find a lot of good, affordable matte lipsticks at the drugstore, but currently there is a very limited selection.

So other than department stores and limited drugstore selections, what are your options? I am very pleased to report that there is a quality matte lipstick line out there for....wait for it....under $2.00. You read me right. I did not leave off a zero. The maker of these gems is Jordana Cosmetics, an incredibly good cosmetic company that makes, among other products, incredibly good matte lipsticks.

The case for Jordana's matte lipsticks

So what is it that women want in a matte lipstick? A matte lipstick must be creamy, have a lot of pigment, must stay put, and must not shine in any way. Jordana's lipsticks deliver on all counts. The colors are true; meaning that the color of the actual lipstick is the color that will be on your lips. This is a huge advantage, because many lipsticks, for whatever reason, look like a different shade on your lips. They do tend to be drying, which is the case with all true matte lipsticks, so a lip balm underneath may be desirable. There is a slight scent, but I truly do not think it would put anyone off wearing one of these lipsticks, and it is a small trade-off for all the wonderful qualities these possess. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the range of colors. A whopping thirty-three colors are available through Jordana's website. Two that stand out for me are Matte 5th Avenue and Matte Brazil. Matte 5th Avenue is a light brown that I use as a nude color. I can use it alone or with a clear or beige gloss over it, and it is great for keeping the focus on my eyes instead of my lips. Matte Brazil is an orange-y, reddish brown shade that I simply can't find anywhere else (and I've really, really tried).

From left to right:  Jordana Matte lipsticks in Matte 5th Avenue and Matte Brazil
From left to right: Jordana Matte lipsticks in Matte 5th Avenue and Matte Brazil

Where can these lipsticks be found?

These little miracles can be a bit tricky to find in drugstores. Walgreens carries Jordana products, but they do not carry their matte lipstick line. The same goes for SaveMart. The one store I have been able to find the matte lipsticks is Food Maxx. They do not carry all the colors, but they have a good many, and if you have a Food Maxx near you, it is worth checking out. The last time I bought the lipsticks there they were $1.20. If you can't find them at any store, the best place to buy them is Jordana's website. They cost $1.49 and of course they offer the entire range of colors. The cheapest shipping option is $5.00, which I consider truly a small price to pay for the treasures you are getting.

Check out some reviews

If you are someone who likes to read several reviews before buying a product, I recommend doing a search online. A great place to read reviews of any cosmetic product is MakeupAlley, where you will find quite a few positive stories from others who have made this great discovery. You may want to leave a review of your own after experiencing one of these amazing matte lipstick deals.

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