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Juicy Couture on Ebay

Updated on November 3, 2009

I recently discovered Juicy Couture Charms and Charm Bracelets.  My first avenue of searching for available charms was Ebay.  I did not realize, at the time, that it was going to be such an arduous task.

The number of charms and bracelets available were plenty but what I did not know, at first, was that Juicy Couture items were so replicated.  Therefore, I decided to write this review of Juicy Couture items for sale on Ebay. 

Crown Charm, Pink  Goldtone with pink velvet interior. Multicolor rhinestone accents. Lobster clasp with signature crown logo. Imported. Store Style Number: YJRU3178.  NM Style #: JCF10_Y0ARA  $52.00
Crown Charm, Pink Goldtone with pink velvet interior. Multicolor rhinestone accents. Lobster clasp with signature crown logo. Imported. Store Style Number: YJRU3178. NM Style #: JCF10_Y0ARA $52.00

Authentic Juicy Couture

The major issue when purchasing Juicy Couture, or any other designer items, is to get to know what an "authentic" item looks like.  This is a must when dealing with Ebay Sellers.  I've sold and bought on Ebay for over 15 years and when something was stated as "authentic" it meant just that.

When reviewing Juicy Couture items for sell I noticed many items that had "Auth. Juicy Couture Charm" which would lead the normal person to believe that the item was a genuine Juicy Couture item.  This does not hold true.

As with most items that are duplicated, they are not of the same quality or workmanship of the original.  This knowledge is key if you are planning to purchase a "retired" piece of Juicy Couture.  The internet and research will become necessary in order not to be duped.

My Juicy Couture Purchase on Ebay

Recently, I purchased a charm from a seller who stated that it came from her personal collection. It was a black scottish terrier in a Juicy Couture shopping bag (see below). The title read: "Must See 100% Real Juicy Couture Charm." It was also labeled as new. Needless to say, it was neither a real Juicy Couture Charm or new and the item was selling for $15.99, which was another hint that the item was not genuine.

Upon receiving the item, I researched it on the internet and found a comparison of a fake and authentic item.

Item I purchased from an Ebay Seller "beloved detale."  Price: $20.49
Item I purchased from an Ebay Seller "beloved detale." Price: $20.49
Authentic of what I purchased (above).  Price:  $62.00  *Notice that the one I purchased had a "painted" black ribbon and the chain links are larger.
Authentic of what I purchased (above). Price: $62.00 *Notice that the one I purchased had a "painted" black ribbon and the chain links are larger.

What to Do When Purchase is Not as Described?

I always use Paypal when purchasing items off of Ebay in case I incur a problem with the purchase and need to have a means of getting my monies back. 

After receiving this item and making the comparison to the "authentic" item, I initially e-mailed the seller of my issue with the purchase.  Of course, she said the item was "authentic."  I proceeded to file a case with Paypal and the seller again was contacted.  I furnished proof of the inaccuracies of the item and the claim of the Seller that the item was genuine.

The Seller offered to return $19.99.  I accepted the refund and kept the "replica" since she made the offer without including shipping and handling for the item to her.


Notice the fake color is off and the item is not as well made.

Ice Cream Sundae

 I almost purchased the FAKE version on several occasions before I researched what the "authentic" one looks like. 

You will notice that the first scoop color is off -- it's too green!  The scoops are more uniformed and not so round.

Juicy Couture High Heel

In this case, the shoe is a completely different color but notice that the styling of the shoe is similar.

Juicy Couture Chocolate Strawberry Charm
Juicy Couture Chocolate Strawberry Charm

Authentic Juicy Couture Charm Details

  • They are usually 3-dimensional.
  • They will usually have some kind of moving/moveable parts.
  • They are intricate in detail
  • The closure will be ball in groove; they will not use magnets.

You will find that the charms will fall into two categories:

Replicas: are created with great attention to detail. They mimic the fine details of a genuine retired Juicy Couture charm in order to obtain the price of a genuine charm.

The second category is Juicy Couture-Inspired pieces. They will usually be labeled "fits" Juicy Charm Bracelets and the seller often askes a much lower pieces while not making great claims to be "genuine" and/or "authentic" Juicy Couture jewelry.

The point to remember is that the replicas will give you the most trouble in identifying them. Normally, you would think that people would avoid them like the plague but they, like the inspired pieces appeal to customers who "are not" or "cannot afford" to spring for the higher costs of geniune Juicy Couture Charms.

Items produce in the 2006 time period will have pink and brown Juicy Couture tags.  They are square and have a Juicy scottish logo and will be trim in brown.  They will also contain information where the item was made.

Anything made in 2006 and on should say Love G&P not P&G, we all know about the lawsuit from proctor and gamble against Pamela and Gela, so the letters have been switched.

Juicy Couture charms are well-known for their uniqueness and details.  These charms will always have sayings on them, detailed painting, and are infamous for rhinestones.

Since each purchase is a minor investment, I suggest that a buyer purchase from a reputable website.  Ebay should be used as a last resort when purchasing these charms.  Ebay is a place to go when you are looking for a retired, discontinued, or hard to find charm. 

Dos and Dont's When Purchasing on Ebay


  • Make sure the image is of the "actual" item that you are bidding on. Some sellers of replicas and inspired items will use a "stock" photo of a "genuine" item.
  • If you uncomfortable with an item but it looks "genuine," ask the seller for more photos of the item.
  • Directly ask the Seller if the item is "genuine." I've done this on several occassion since my question and the Seller's answer will appear on the page of the selling item. Often the answer has been that the item was "inspired."
  • Check official e-commerce website such as,,, or, to see if the item actually exists or is produced in that colour.
  • If you are trying to avoid fake Juicy Couture jewellery, shop for the latest released/newest ones. It takes counterfeiters a while to come up with, manufacture and distribute fake Juicy Couture jewellery. That’s why we find in fake Juicy Couture seller’s store, majority stock are old Juicy Couture style.


  • Buy a charm from a Seller who has 15 of an item. Juicy Couture does not sell to buyers on a wholesale basis.
  • Purchase from a Seller if the box is not included.  Replicas and inspired items will usually advertise that item is being sold without its box.  The box will have the pricing and item number to validate the authenticity of the item. 
  • Purchase a charm that is on a reputable site for $52.00 and an Ebay seller is selling for $14.99.  A reptuable seller cannot afford to offer a genuine item at such a loss!
  • Buy from a seller that Seller who uses blurry or unclear than usual pictures are usually trying to hide something.  TRUE -- take another look at my Ebay purchase picture!

Are You a Juicy Couture Charm Collector?

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    • Lady Summerset profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Summerset 

      7 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Thanks Angel very much for that additional information. I'll keep that in mind while scouting out some much-desired charms! ;)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey, just to let you know, Juicy Couture OUTLETS (can't say for certain about specialty...) definitely sell to what we call "bulk buyers", so there is a very real chance that though the seller has numerous of the item it is still real. Oh, and don't forget, Juicy will normally (as far as I've seen...) have the Juicy crown on the lobster clasp. Everything else about this article is great though ;)

    • charmstotreasure profile image


      8 years ago

      Need to look on ebay, sounds like. But hey, do use caution, as you mention the fake issue above. Look over the AboutMe page, etc. before paying good money out. And use your credit card with transactions to protect your investments.

    • Lady Summerset profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Summerset 

      8 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Yes, I had to stop buying in this economy. It seems like you have to have just one more. Thanks Jewellery Channel for stopping by!

    • profile image

      jewellery channel 

      8 years ago

      the crown charm is just beautiful...


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