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Women's Jumpsuits | Fashion Enigmas

Updated on September 16, 2010

The jumpsuit doesn't sound like a piece of clothing a grown woman should wear, and even less like an item of clothing that a grown woman could wear and look thoroughly presentable in, but flying in the face of everything resembling sense, jumpsuits are still being worn by celebrity ladies in a completely non ironic fashion.

The pictures below hail from the Fashion Magazine blog (yes, that's the Fashion Magazine, the magazine where all fashion goes to be documented.) I'll be honest and say I've no idea who this Rebecca Hall person is, but she makes that YSL monstrosity look almost wearable. Rachel Weisz, on the other hand, has gone with a far safer choice in her vintage number that looks sailor cute.

From Fashion Magazine's Blog, where they have an in depth discussion on this sort of thing.
From Fashion Magazine's Blog, where they have an in depth discussion on this sort of thing.

The jumpsuits in the picture below, on the other hand, are an exercise in surreal ridiculousness. Especially the puffy ones. Number three is actually pretty nice, but the hideousness of numbers four and one tear it down like a pack of hyenas picking at the bones of a once proud lion. Also, note the way that no celebrities could be discovered wearing these puffy pieces of insanity.

I'm not usually an advocate of the 'is a celebrity wearing it' method of choosing clothing, but sometimes one just has to ask oneself 'would lady gaga wear this?' if the answer is 'maybe', one should run, not walk to the other side of the store and take a few moments to compose oneself before considering other shopping options.

When one is out and about hunting and gathering new clothes, it is all too easy to become addled by a plethora of clothing and end up buying ridiculous outfits that can only end in ridicule, misery and becoming a social outcast.

So the lesson must be there than when one is looking for a jumpsuit that looks good that although flared legs are a positive and indeed, are often encouraged, puffiness should be avoided like the proverbial fashion plague.

When it comes to wearing a jumpsuit in a stylish way, one should probably tend towards jumpsuits with long and flowing lines that make one look mature, but in the sort of way Audrey Hepburn looked mature, not in the way Madonna insists on looking mature these days. When wearing clothing, if at any time you spot yourself looking as if you might just consume the brains of passing young, it may be time to make another fashion decision.


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