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Just stick a bow on it: easy holiday beauty gift with Boots No7 Instant Glamour

Updated on November 19, 2015

Boots No7 Holiday set 2015: Instant Glamour

No7 Instant Glamour

This new set for Holiday, 2015 is probably the easiest gift you've ever purchased for a woman! (No, store gift cards don't count as a gift.) I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

The box it's packaged in is a lovely reusable, foiled container that opens and closes by magnet. Chic! And yet, it's a super value at $25 with products worth $50.

Inside, you'll find a creamy black eye pencil, a well-shaped and truly soft pony hair blush brush, a golden light pink blush, a pale "greige" soft shimmer eye shadow, a black eye shadow with multi-color micro-glitter and a creamy peach lip gloss.

These colors lend themselves to a number of daytime and nighttime makeup looks. Indeed, there are instructions included in the box to create three varied looks.

Also, because the colors are a blend of cool, neutral and slightly warm shades, this kit -- unlike so many out there -- would work for a wide spectrum of complexion colors. For the coolest and fairest of skin tones, the products will add a soft pop of color. For darker and warmer complexions, the colors will serve to highlight and "strobe light", such a hot trend in makeup!

Really, the only things a person would need to complete their makeup would be a foundation/powder of some type and mascara. Some people may also wish to add a lip pencil and contour powder for on-trend bone structure definition. Some people may need to add a brow pencil.

Since none of the items inside the set are liquid, they would not need to be included in a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag, making it very TSA friendly.

Boots: a hallowed British company now in the USA

Boots used to be known as "Boots the Chemist" in the United Kingdom. The company has been going strong since 1849 and was well-known for its house-brand of several items, including chic cosmetics. Fast-forward to today, where the company has been folded into the equally venerable Walgreens (and company.

Now people don't have to over-pack their luggage returning from a jaunt to London in order to enjoy Boots' cosmetics. Their No7 makeup brand is available at Walgreens -- including, for you procrastinators, the 24 hour stores -- and online!


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