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Justin Bieber: Perfumier

Updated on June 18, 2013

Something Smells

The long awaited Justin Bieber fragrance has now hit the stores and no doubt will be lapped up by his legion of fans, even if they are too young to have an independent income and must pester their parents for the funds.

Indeed, according to the UK's Daily Mail , Justin's new perfume, Someday had already sold out in one major fragrance store, just three hours after hitting the shelves. Did it really, or they just they just saying that to whip up a frenzy of interest? Hard to be sure but would a major British newspaper exaggerate? Hmmm

In truth the perfume probably really did sell out because just maybe the fans aren't really all that interested in the smell, they're interested in Justin and as every commercial interest clamouring to grab a slice of Bieber action knows, Justin sells. This perfume could well smell like the dirty sock pile of in the corner of athletes bedroom and it would still sell. At least that is my suspicion.

Justin Bieber's new fragrance Justin
Justin Bieber's new fragrance Justin
Someday - in roll ball form
Someday - in roll ball form

The Whiff of Money - for charity

It's a sure sign when a celebrity brings out a fragrance that they, or those in control of their fortunes, are pretty much willing to do anything for money. Justin of course, is not a perfumier and I'd be surprised if his his involvement in Someday stretched to anything much more than a few passing sniff tests. Like Brittany, and a host of celebrity scents before him, what Justin is selling is his brand. The precocious pop star has already had a fragrance success with a unisex fragrance "My World".The difference here is that proceeds from the sale of Someday, which is expected to be in the millions, are evidently going straight to charity, which makes all the gushing hype around this product somehow forgivable.

Of course, even if it wasn't for charity, it's entirely up to Justin to sell his own brand, just as it is up to whoever, to buy it but for my money, a celebrity fragrance lacks a certain credibility. The idea of wearing someone's personal image on my neck and wrists is just...unappealing, even if it's someone I actually admire. If I'm going to buy into a concept aroma I'd much prefer 'ideas' perfumes by with evocative names like Obsession, Innocence, Zen,Shocking and Desire without the 'by such and such celebrity' tagged on. But...I guess if you're fifteen and in lerv with Justin, you might want to pour him all over yourself. As he said himself " I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is one way I can bring them closer to my world". Aw...

The name too, leaves me uninspired. Someday has a slightly depressing whiff to it, as if to suggest..."oh things are pretty bad but maybe someday..." but that could just be my my 'glass half empty' perspective. Evidently it's meant to imply that someday, if you're incredibly lucky, you might be Justin's girl or some such thing, even though you'd probably have more chance of finding an eight legged camel.We can but dream.

According to reviews, "the fragrance initiates with notes of mandarin, pear and wild berries, continues with fresh notes of jasmine and creamy florals and ends with warm hints of vanilla and soft musk." Sounds like quite a pot pourri. Justin himself reputedly finds the fragrance 'irresistable' (well, he would, wouldn't he?) while the markerters hyperbole extends to 'playful, fresh yet flirty and anything but ordinary' . Oh and they say it smells good too.

In any case, whoever designed this product knows what teenage girls like - the crystal adorned heart and lock charm around the neck can be removed and attached to a charm bracelet. Who could resist that? too, might get this close to Justin too, might get this close to Justin

Of course, cynical whingers like me are not the demographic the Someday marketers are trying to access, so here's someone who is. Check out the video below for an in depth teenage review of Justin Bieber's Someday. Judging from this reaction, Justin's chosen charities are on a winner...

Someday Review


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