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K-pop Hairstyles For Guys That Are Modern And Funky

Updated on November 11, 2011
B2ST (Beast), a Korean boy band.
B2ST (Beast), a Korean boy band.

Hairstyles Inspired by Famous Pop and Film Stars

Strong, straight hair lends itself to numerous stunning hairstyles. People can wear it long, short or shoulder length with equal flair and always appear in fashion. To wear any of the k-pop hairstyles successfully, one is required to portray a persona that is hip, modern and ready for anything. The Asian look has long been a favorite throughout the world and although it may often look as though the person has just got out of bed it takes time and effort to create and maintain that casual look.

Modern k-pop hairstyles for guys have been radically influenced by famous pop and film stars. Any one of these iconic figures need only change their look for a live concert or a new movie and within days thousands of young adults will be sporting that look. The influence these stars wield in the fashion is enormous especially in trendy world of hairstyling.

Most Important Factor to Get K-Pop Hairstyle

The most important factor to wear a look of this type is to have a good professional cut. Hair well styled and cut into a style will automatically fall into place. The natural fall of the hair needs to be followed and an important factor as stylists need to cut into the fall and not against it. If badly cut the hair will never keep the style and will be difficult to manage.


Hair can be either worn smooth and sculpted around the head and onto the face or it can be worn spiked and away from the face. Modern Mohawk styles are as structured and do not have a precise demarcated section across the head from front to back. But it is rather left slightly longer on the sides with the Mohawk strip spiked in soft falls and unstructured.

With a good basic cut people have two options. Either a smooth cap style hairdo or using gel and other sculpting products they can apply to dry hair to spike and give it an unruly look.

Taeyang mohawk hairstyle.
Taeyang mohawk hairstyle.

Bed Head

The style known as a 'bed head' which looks as though it has never seen a brush or comb is still a popular one but more people are nowadays opting for a smoother look. The smooth look requires styling and hair has to be well cut and in good condition to get and hold its style correctly. Coloring or streaking hair has become fashionable for men. Adding reddish gold highlights and warm auburn tints are becoming more prevalent. With black and dark brown hair these sun streaks can be stunning and in themselves make an eyecatching funky fashion statement.

TaeMin hairstyle.
TaeMin hairstyle.
Kyuhyun bed head hairstyle.
Kyuhyun bed head hairstyle.


Wearing a coiffure that is slightly unstructured and a little unruly has an added benefit for people who have fine thinning hair or who are going bald. The unruly look gives an illusion of volume and makes the head of hair appear far fuller than it really is.

Chansung hairstyle.
Chansung hairstyle.

Shag Style

In Asia and Great Britain a cut known as the 'shag' has been around for more than 50 years and is still a favorite for many people who have a straight thick mane. Initially it can be cut relatively short and left to grow for many months before one may require another cut. It is a versatile and easy to maintain style. A thick mane lends itself to any form of layer cutting and the results always tend to be good.

Jang HyunSeung hairstyle.
Jang HyunSeung hairstyle.
Daesung hairstyle.
Daesung hairstyle.

Feathered Hair

Feathered haircuts with side or center bangs are one of the looks for 2011. Longish in length and easy to maintain and control a feathered haircut can be very flattering to the face. It is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults.

Bi Rain feathered hairstyle.
Bi Rain feathered hairstyle.
Ki Bum hairstyle.
Ki Bum hairstyle.

Hair Styling Products

There are a large variety of good quality hair products on the market today. Specific hair types are well catered for in the shampoo and conditioning range. Furthermore the range of mousse, gel and wax products is enormous. Some gels have glitter and sheen impregnated for evening styles when one is planning to go disco dancing. The use of a wax or gel will give body and volume to a style and keep it spiked for hours at a time.

Consult Hair Stylist

When planning any appearance enhancement it is important to consult professionals. A good haircut done professionally can immediately enhance a person's overall look. Having a trained person color, tint or highlight one's hair is also essential. They have the expertise to give advice on which colors would best suit skin-tone and natural hair. Any k-pop hairstyles for guys, when well styled, may give a person a great confidence boost and make them feel like a million dollars.


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      6 years ago

      You might if you could spell "hair" right ^^

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love K-pop and I wish I could have that kind of hare!!!


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