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Kanye Strikes Again With a Dire & Brutal Fashion Trend

Updated on July 26, 2016

One word, (questionably and rather sarcastically) came to mind when I saw it: “Seriously?” What was or is he thinking, (or is he)? Is he mocking the fashion industry, or does he want to make the homeless fashionable, or will any kind of attention do; is this an experiment? Is this what appeals to his target market and audience? Is this really what his fan base and followers want to wear? I was immediately and immensely shocked, but should I be, this is Kanye West’s clothing line after all? Should I have expected anything different, or anything less –than the revolting?

A distressed sweater? Really? Maybe this is a gimmick to keep us wearing our old, worn and tattered clothing. The only place I imagine this fashion is appropriate might be in your household alone or maybe when doing chores around the house or the yard. The fashion sense here is beyond me. Thoughts? Would you wear it, and if so why and where? Could you get a job offer in a distressed sweater, let alone, not be mistaken on the street for a pauper? This style, if I can call it that, is beyond grunge. I fear where fashion is headed…

It’s a total mockery, and sadly for those who wear it, for those it’s target marketed to, -I’d surmise African-American males, with everything that is going on that makes you America’s number 1 target, the most endangered species, even prior to those befitting the terrorist stereotype or prototype, is this really what you want to wear? Think about it. You can’t go anywhere in a black baggy hoodie, you look suspicious, especially when rocking pants that sag and expose your underwear, as if you’re advertising your availability in the prison sense. What when you rock a distressed sweater? I predict the end result to be an instant John Doe, regardless if you are carrying ID.

I always applauded Kanye for not carrying on the trend of sagging pants and exposed drawers, but I cannot applaud the distressed shirt. Go ahead and wear it –if you want to continue to play the same part, carry on the same stereotype. What statement do you feel you are making with this new fashion trend? Think about it.


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