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Best Karate Kid Costumes for Kids and Adults - Daniel-san, Skeletons, Cobra Kai - Express Shipping

Updated on July 5, 2011

Karate Kid Costumes for Kids and Adults

The Karate Kid Costume is an old standby of which interest in has been reignited by the remake of the movie in 2010.

Considering its such an easy costume to recreate and plans for a sequel are already in motion, it is a wise and budget conscious costume decision that could receive lots of reuse over the years.

It is also equally appropriate for kids and adults, both male and females and all creeds and colors!

We have provided a review and resources for all the following Halloween costume options.

  • The Original Karate Kid - Daniel-San costumes
  • The New Karate Kid (The Kung Fu Kid) costumes
  • Cobrai Kai Cotumes - Cobra Kai Gi
  • Cobra Kai Costumes - The Skeleton Outfit

Buy Karate Kid Costume
Buy Karate Kid Costume

The Original Karate Kid Costume

Daniel-San is a timeless character to emulate, throughout the Karate Kid series their are many moments that are ingrained in our heads that are unmistakably Karate Kid. But the devil is in the details, if you fail on any of the pivotal details you could be mixed up with Chuck Norris or any number of low class video game characters such as Ryu from Street Fighter.

I feel the point of authenticity with a Karate Kid costume is the headband, When I think Daniel-san, I see the Crane kick and the headband. What do you see?

For true authenticity you should buy a costume that includes the Mr. Miyagi inspired bonsai patch.

The New Karate Kid Costume
The New Karate Kid Costume

The New Karate Kid Costume

If your son is trying to do the Kung Fu Kid look this Halloween, then your in luck. The 2010 remake of 1984 Classic "Karate Kid" which should more accurately be called "Kung Fu Kid" since the protagonist doed not learn or practice Karate in any way, does not have any real trademark costumes.

The final fight scene costume consists of a white gii and black striped pants. The major training scenes of the film portray the protagonist in a simple red pants and a wife beater.

This will be a very cost effective costume with tons of potential for reuse or even can be used should your child choose to participate in martial arts training.

Cobra Kai Costume

Lets face it, Daniel-San was a punk, if you knew him in real life you would probably want to knock his block off also. The Cobra Kai on the other hand were bad ass Karate masters, this is the type of costume that would fun to be for Halloween, a true character.

You have two options when selecting a Cobra Kai costume, you can wear the hardcore black gii with a v neck and cut off sleeves. Its comfortable, its foreboding and its outside the norm.

The Cobra Kai Halloween Costume is the best option here.

You may also remember the awesome scene with the Cobra Kai chasing pitiful Daniel-San through the streets in their sweet Skeleton outfits.

You may not have considered it before, but this is a sweet and unique Halloween costume sure to bring back some 80's nostalgia.

Karate Kid Movies

Do your Homework, pick up the entire Karate Kid collection on the cheap. Do your children not realize that the latest 2010 Karate Kid is a remake?

Thats a travesty, educate them about wax on, wax off and the noise honk of death!

Mercy is for the Weak


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    • profile image

      karate kid online 2010 

      8 years ago

      Damn, mister Miagi isn't there in Karate kid 2010, jaden smith starrer movie. Jackie chan did a great job though!

    • sunforged profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from

      Yes - cant just wear ANY gii - need that punk ass Bonsai patch to be realistic - Cobra Kai!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      A super selection. I loved the movie.

    • drej2522 profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Karate Kid Costumes for that's awesome! I have to agree, the headband and the crane kick are staples for any original karate kid outfits. However, I think you also need the bonsai emblem on the back to solidify a true authentic karate kid halloween costume!


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