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Kardashians In Luxury Swimwear

Updated on February 16, 2015

What do Kim & Kourtney Kardashian have in common, asides from being Kardashians? They both love Vix Swimwear. Their collection for bathing suits 2015 is no exception to amazing, featuring embroidery detail, tribal prints, and flattering cuts. Of course, the Kardashian sisters are always the first to pick up on hot trends and unique styles, so it is no surprise that they are enamored by Vix Swimwear.


When I saw this ViX mint-colored halter top bikini on Kim Kardashian (above), one of my first thoughts was, it’s great to see her in a fun color. She’s often photographed wearing black, white, or neutrals, and it was nice to see her in a fun, summery color. And it was a great choice – this color looks good on EVERY skin tone, so this bikini would look great on anyone. On Kim, for example, it accentuates her already awesome tan. The halter top is flattering and super adjustable, and the suit reaches perfection with the gold hardware detailing (see right). Good choice, Kimmy.


Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to ViX’s handcrafted swimwear, either. Here she is (above), wearing the swimsuit version of one of ViX’s maxi dresses (see right). The royal blue shade seen on Kourtney is offset by gorgeous woven embroidery in shades of gold, blue, and red, and accented with gold beads. The bikini ties at the sides and at the top of the halter, for a flattering and adjustable fit. The dress is every bit as detailed and gorgeous, and offers a beautiful silhouette. Asymmetrical ruffles at the bottom have a regal effect, and a drawstring waist with beads at the end of the strings only add to this effect. I can’t decide whether I like the bikini or the dress version better.


Need any more convincing that Kim and Kourtney love details, especially gold ones? Take a look at these pictures of the Kardashians in black bikinis with gold hardware bordering the silhouette. Above, Kim is pictured wearing a simple black bikini, with a luxurious twist. A gold bar between the cups, and gold hardware detailing at the bottom of the side-tie strings, upgrade Kim’s look from boring to beautiful. Kourtney’s playing the same golden game (see above). In what would otherwise be a plain Jane black bikini, she is pictured above in a suit with gold detailing that borders her bust and her waist. Take it from these famous sisters: details matter!


Above, see ViX’s take on the black bikini with a twist. Their black bandeau bikini with woven embroidery in black, gold and red, with accents in the form of gold beads (similar to the embroidery on the dress mentioned above). The embroidery appears almost as a necklace, in a continuous loop through the middle of the bandeau, and gives the bikini a tribal feel. Matching embroidery detail appears at the sides of the waist. This suit is super unique, ultra-luxurious, and the perfect choice for upping your black bikini game.

With the Kardashians, you either love or hate their style. But with these gorgeous Vix and Vix-inspired styles, they are making their beachwear style really, really hard to hate.


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