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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

Updated on February 3, 2015
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before & After Look
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before & After Look

For Kat Von D plastic surgery was probably an easy choice to make considering the other procedures she has gone through to alter her appearance. The star who is well known for her many piercings and tattoos has also recently become known for the cosmetic work she has had done.

In particular it has become apparent from recent photos that the well tattooed star has had a nose job. Her nose is now much thinner and more angular than before. On top of having a nose job her face also looks thinner under her cheeks, which indicates that she may have had some minor liposuction performed. You can also notice if you look that her eyebrow corners are higher than before.

While in some cases this may be the result of how a woman trims them, in this case the shape above her eyes appears noticeably different. The only way this could have happened is if she had some work done to lift and tighten the skin. Overall the work done on Kat Von D appears to have had a beneficial effect upon her appearance. She appears trimmer, more youthful, and has a more clear definition of what would be considered a classical type of beauty. For a woman who has spent her life trying to stand out from the crowd by modifying her body with tattoos and piercings, it's curious that she would choose to pursue a more classical type of beauty.

Regardless of her motivations hopefully Kat Vonn D can avoid the mistake made by so many other stars and not continue to have more and more procedures done. Over the years the damage done from cumulative cosmetic procedures can render a person unrecognizable, something that Kat Von D should definitely do her best to avoid.

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