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Perfume Deja Vu: Kate Moss For YSL Parisienne

Updated on February 20, 2012

This fall 2009 Parisienne, the latest hot perfume to come from Yves Saint Laurent, will hit the stores. Over the past few months, Kate Moss has been spotted in front of the Eiffel Tower in some gorgeously seductive YSL outfits. Despite this new look and a new campaign, everyone seems to have some doubt about the overall newness of YSL Parisienne. Is YSL Parisienne just another version of YSL Paris?

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1. What's in a Name?

Let’s think this one through. YSL Parisienne and YSL Paris: the concepts behind both perfumes are, undeniably, Paris. YSL Parisienne, as it was recently announced, is focused on the essence of a Parisienne--the fact that any woman can embody the character of a woman from Paris, fearless in her approach to love and to life. YSL Paris circles the concept of Paris in springtime--living life to its fullest, loving with all your heart, enjoying both simplicity and passion. Off the bat, both YSL Paris and YSL Parisienne seem to share some similarities. Don't you think?

New YSL Parisienne
New YSL Parisienne

2. Rose Notes

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” As stated in the most classic love story of all time: a rose is a rose, no matter the name. Paris or Parisienne, whatever you choose to call the juice, it's a rose scent through and through.

It's no mystery that both YSL Paris and YSL Parisienne feature the classic rose note. YSL Parisienne includes notes of cranberry, Damascus rose, delicate violet, fresh peony, patchouli, vetiver, musk and sandalwood. YSL Paris contains mimosa, geranium, bergamot, mayflower, hawthorn, juniper, Damascus rose, May rose, violet, sandalwood, iris, amber and musk. Just from the notes, it sounds like YSL Parisienne will smell like a powdery rose, just as YSL Paris does.

Original YSL Paris: Feel the Similarities?
Original YSL Paris: Feel the Similarities?
Vintage Kate Moss Campaign for YSL Opium
Vintage Kate Moss Campaign for YSL Opium

3. Kate Moss Does It Again

After posing previously for YSL perfumes, petitie fashion-powerhouse Kate Moss triumphantly returns! So far, YSL has choosen to go with a similar concept, a similar name and smiliar juice. So it's no wonder when choosing their model for this campaign that they stuck with the tried and true. Kate Moss, looking mysterious and seductive, dominates the newest YSL Opium ads, making an old classic sexy once again. This fall 2009 Kate Moss will be making YSL Parisienne, a suspected revamp of a the classic YSL Paris, ultra-sexy in print and on screen. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that whatever garment, beauty item, or perfume Kate Moss touches turns to gold. After making the YSL spring 2008 tube dress Hollywood's most spotted red carpet garb, Kate Moss is sure to make YSL Parisienne another big hit. 

Here are the latest photos leaked from the Paris photoshoot for YSL Parisienne. What are your thoughts on the ad campaign?

Newest YSL Paris Ad
Newest YSL Paris Ad

4. Dimpled Bottles

YSL Paris was the original dimpled glass bottle perfume. When first released YSL Paris--arriving in a rotund glass bottle reminiscent of a baby bottle with a bold black top--was a stunningly optimistic springtime perfume among the other 80s perfumes, heavily gilded and serious. YSL apparently loved that look so much that a quarter of a century later they merely altered the bottle, but only a touch, to create their newest perfume bottle for Parisienne. The results: the two are near identical.

Packaging can make or break a scent. Post-juice production, perfume industry professionals--marketers, parfumeurs, designers and executives--shift all their energy to labor over the minuscule packaging details, making the perfume just right. Simple choices like the color of the juice, the shape of the bottle, and the overall message that all those choices send require careful consideration. So it's definitely no coincidence that the dimpled bottle design of YSL Parisienne mimics the bottle of YSL Paris. Again, it seems, YSL settles with the familiar.

5. Critics' Remarks

In the world of perfume blogging, no one can deny the blatant similarities between the two perfumes. So I guess it's not just me who feels the impending fragrant deja vu come the release of YSL Parisienne. But the remaining questions are what will it smell like? Why the release of a similar fragrance? And will they continue producing the original, much-loved YSL Paris? We’re all on the edge of our seats.

Another year, another rose perfume?
Another year, another rose perfume?

6. But Why?

YSL Paris was the It Fragrance in Europe in the 1980s. After all these years, YSL Paris maintains its fierce popularity, finding fans through series of generations. Today, the sales of this sophisticated woody floral fragrance is still going strong. So why mess with a good thing? Perhaps with Parisienne, YSL is trying to maximize on the love and loyalty of YSL Paris while it's still in its heyday. And they're probably trying to wrangle in a new young group of brand-devotees while their at it. What's your say?

Behind the Scenes at YSL Parisienne Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes at YSL Parisienne Photoshoot

Within the month, YSL Parisienne will be released around Europe, while America will have to wait until fall to get its first sniff. For now, you can grab YSL Paris at sephora coupons. I’ll be bringing you smelling updates on YSL Parisienne. And as soon as the TV ad campaign is out, you can bet that you’ll see it here! So come again soon, and share your thoughts on YSL Paris and YSL Parisienne.


Update: For review of this new perfume check out YSL Parisienne Review.

YSL Parisienne: First Peek at Promo Video

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