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Keep hat head at bay, have great looking hair with John Frieda styling products

Updated on January 24, 2016

If you're one of the 80 million people in the US affected by the Blizzard of 2016, your hairstyle is just about the last thing on your mind . . . and it shows. Sorry to break it to you, but "hat head", dry flyaways and frizz are making you less than cute, warming up beside the fire.

Fortunately, there's John Frieda to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience styling products in the line. John Frieda was a British hairdresser who created the first serums to deal with frizzy hair. Now there's a whole selection of tools and products to deal with it!

This is a much better, more cost-effective and safer way to create glossy hair than those Japanese or Brazilian treatments in a salon. Those can be dangerous for your hair -- some have seen their tresses break or fall out! Now, even if you're willing to risk your hair, at least have a heart for your stylist: the fumes and chemicals in some of these treatments involve formaldehyde -- the stuff corpses are embalmed with. They're dangerous!

It took several years for the general public -- most makeup-wearing women -- to "get" what a primer is for cosmetics and to consistently wear one. But once they got used to the concept, they were never the same again. Similarly, once you incorporate Beyond Smooth Frizz Immunity Primer, you'll love working with your hair again. It's silicone-free; some people choose not to use silicone or feel that it builds up over time. Instead, it has coconut oil! I recently experienced many beauty products made in Fiji with coconut oil . . . the natural ingredient is very good for silky texture and shine. The primer will make your other styling products work that much better.

When it's time to dry your hair, you'll want to make use of their Full Volume Dryer. Sometimes, it's a choice of one look or another with hairdryers: silky but flat or manic and big. Not here! This lightweight dryer does one thing right off the bat: your arm won't get too tired to finish the job. Many people stop drying before getting the job done and open hair cuticles lead directly to frizz. Still, the dryer has a powerful 1875 watt motor and a lot of other bells and whistles: you can switch between drying speeds and heat levels. There's even a "cold shot" to set your 'do! These are the kind of features you usually find with dryers that cost $200-$300. Additionally, there are a few nozzle attachments: two for concentrating the heat -- for those extra smooth styles. There's also a circular diffuser with nubs, perfect for natural hair texture looks. You'll probable find you're in one camp or another. The nozzles are very easy to change. This dryer has 50% more ions than other ionic hair dryer, for two times the shine and 50% faster drying time.

New Smooth & Shine Satin Finish is a straightening iron with 1 1/2" plates. Extra long plates like those will help guard against "bumps". It, too, has 50% more ions than other such flat irons. You won't get that burned, flat look that some irons give. You can crank the het to 455 degrees, but I suggest you consult with your hairdresser on that one: too cool and you have to make pass after pass. Too hot and you'll burn your hair. Different ethnicities, as well as older hair, color-treated hair and other chemically treated hair have wildly varying heat tolerances.This iron reaches its heat in 15 seconds! Some days, that quick time makes the difference between a good hair day and a crazy hair day! It also has auto shutoff for peace of mind.


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