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Kinds of Fabric

Updated on June 19, 2013


A fabric is a material made from fiber on thread by weaving, knitting and felting. There are two kinds of fibers:  the natural and the manmade fibers.

Natural Fibers - are fabrics made from vegetable/plant and animal matter. These fabrics have been used by man since the earliest time.

Manmade fibers or synthetic fibers - fabrics that come from materials like bark of wood or seed and other cellural products, and which mixed or combined with other chemicals to produce different kinds of fabric used for industrial processes.

The following are the different kinds of fabric from natural fibers.

1.      Linen - fabric that comes from flax plant. This is smart, lustrous, flat and strong. It is highly absorbent and is best for tablecloth, sheets and shirts. It is known as the summer fiber.

2.      Wool  - it is made from animal hair, used for coat because it is warm and durable.

3.      Cotton - fabric used in tropical countries. It is a good conductor of heat, easy to iron and durable.

4.      Silk  - comes from the silkworm, it is known as the aristocrat fabric because of its softness, fineness and shininess.

Characteristics of fabric suitable for unisex garments

1.              Print and design should be applicable for both males and females.

2.              Fabric texture should be comfortable to wear.

3.      A good conductor of heat.

4.              Absorbs perspiration freely and dries easily to keep the body cool.

5.      Easy to laundry.

6.              Does not wrinkle easily;, it should be easy to iron.

7.              Color should vary the taste of both men and women.


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      Word Definition

      aba garment of camel or goat hair; camel or goat-hair fabric

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      Katz Del Rosario 6 years ago

      Actually what is mentioned here are the MAIN TYPES of fabric. Woven, Cotton among others are the very source of what other fabrics are made of..

      Like peach twill is a kind of Cotton weaved material. Chambray is a kind of Silk.. so on and so forth.

      I kinda wrote a similar post about it here:

      Just my two cents~

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      ? Silk

      ? Cotton

      ? Rayon

      • Nylon

      ? Satin

      ? Polyester

      ? Elk Velvet

      ? Velvet

      ? Animal Skins

      ? Non- Woven

      ? Yarn

      $ Flannel

      ? Shirt Cloth

      ? Pyjama Cloth

      ? Dress Cloth

      Rattan i think :S

      Read more:

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