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Men Cool Knife and Dagger Tattoos for Men

Updated on August 6, 2015

Among the various tattoos available, knives are a common choice primarily among men. Strength and danger are associated with a knife tattoo. You can do a lot with a knife tattoo. Some people like the knife to be cutting through the skin with blood. Other prefer more emphasis on the design of the knife itself and that is the primary focus of the tattoo.

While some would rather have a combination of both the knife, blood, and skin involved in their tats. Knife tattoos are popular with skulls, fire, and tombstones as well. It's really just what you are looking to "say" with your tattoo. What you are looking for your art to portray. For some people they just like it and it's that simple. After picking out your tattoo you have to decide where you want to get your knife placed. There's no right or wrong, a common place is the arm or the leg.

Cool Knife Tattoo Going Through Skin

Unique Knife Tattoo

Unique Tribal Knife Tattoo

Different Knife Tattoo

Neat Knife and Dagger Tattoo

Cool Knife Tattoo


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