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Kork Ease Shoes | The Trendy Wedge Shoe

Updated on May 7, 2015

Original Kork Ease Ankle Strap Wedge Shoe

Kork ease NATURAL wedge 4 1/2" suede with ankle strap
Kork ease NATURAL wedge 4 1/2" suede with ankle strap

New Favorite - Kork-Ease

Korkease Ava
Korkease Ava

The Comeback Trendy Shoe

The Platform Wedge

Is it any surprise that In a world where fashion trends are constantly changing- that there will be repeats. Fads come in, and they go. And then some back and we call it retro or vintage. The special ones we never forget .So when the time comes and people are feeing nostalgic the truly special styles return. And this spring 2015 shoes is all about the Kork Ease wedge. As far as womens shoe go to the wedge has made its return and we can thank Kork Ease for doing it again!

More than a half century ago, the Kork-Ease legacy began as nothing more than an idea in Brooklyn, New York. What started as an idea, quickly turned into a new way people thought about their footwear. The Wedge was born, and today in 2015 just as it was in the 1970's it is a trendy womens shoe that is a must have this spring.


1970 Vintage Wedge Shoes

Turn the clocks back to my teenage years in the 1970s, and you couldn’t turn the corner of any street without seeing someone wearing a pair of Kork-Ease shoes. I can still remember where I bought my first pair of these fabulous wedges. Back then many tried to copy Kork ease sandals, but it was Korkease everyone wanted. No other shoe company could duplicate the lines of this wedge. The essential style and the quality of a Korkease shoe was bar none.

Kork Ease Leather Shoes

The Vachetta Wedge

Vachetta leather is what makes Kork Ease special. Vachetta is naturally tanned leather exclusively in Tuscany, Italy. The Tuscan spring water is what tans the leather to the perfect color and texture that Kork ease defines. Kork ease has always been Ecological, biodegradable and environmentally safe, so is it any wonder that 50 years later this womens spring shoe is as special today as it was when the wedge was born,

Kork ease wedges are untreated and unfinished so In time this Vachetta leathers develop a rich, lustrous patina. A trendy shoe with delicate sophistication, and a one-of-a-kind look is what you will find when you own a pair of korkease shoes. My favorite nude wedge for Spring 2012 is the The Kork-Ease Tracy wedge sandal, read on and you will see why this is the perfect fashion choice this spring/summer!

Kork Ease Bette Wedge

Kork ease Bette has a 4 1/2" wedge heel
Kork ease Bette has a 4 1/2" wedge heel

Kork Ease Shoes

The Original Wedge

This timeless wedge ankle strap spring shoe is handcrafted with rich Vachetta leather. This Classic style has evolved into a trend on must have spring shoe, otherwise known as the original, that's the Kork-Ease Bette.

  • Cushioned leather footbed
  • Petite ankle adjustable buckle
  • 4 1/2" suede covered wedge heel

Comes in colors, Natural, Black, Brown (T-Moro), Luggage (Peanut) and Bronze.

Kork Ease Spring 2012

Bette Wedge

This wedge is has the same trend on ankle strap as the original Korkease Ava but you get an inch more in height.

  • Offered in 5 delicious Vachetta leather colors
  • The comfort comes from the Cushioned leather footbed
  • Ankle strap that has an adjustable buckle to wear with or without socks
  • Heel Measures 4 1/2" and the wedge is covered in coordinating suede

flat Kork ease Wedge

Myrna from Kork-ease

Kork-Ease Women's Myrna Buff on Suede Wedge Sandal
Kork-Ease Women's Myrna Buff on Suede Wedge Sandal

Myrna from Kork-Ease features flexible interwoven leather straps and an adjustable buckle.


Did You Know?

Kork-Ease Shoes

The Original Kork-Ease Wedge has been immortalized in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Landmark Shoe Collection – an honor bestowed to only 25 styles of footwear all-time.

Kork Ease Flat Wedge


The latest trend happens to be incredibly chic and laced with praticality. This low heeled platform wedge offers the best of both worlds. A feminine ankle strap with a hint of nostalgia as the Kork ease Ava and Bette. The Myrna wedge is the one for the girl who wants a flat wedge. The lightweight platform is wrapped with suede for a fashiom texture, while the leather-lined footbed is soft and breathable. A lower heel means an easier stride.

  • Offered in 3 fabulous spring colors in Vachetta leather
  • Comfy Cushioned leather footbed
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Heel is 1 3/4" and the wedge is covered in suede

The MYRNA is a stylish flatform available in three color options. Choose your spring wedge in Black, Brown (T-Moro) or Natural

Kork-Ease Slip On Clog

'Sabrina' Sandal

The original Ava and Better Korkease wedges were born in Brooklyn more than a half century ago, and here with Sabrina the Kork-Ease legacy continues. This Spring 2015 shoe is the perfect slip-on wedge sandal. Soft and sturdy leather upper with an open toe and wide criss-cross straps.

  • Slip-on clog
  • Approx. 1'' platform and wedge heel.
  • Leather lining for pure quality
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Stitching details

Kork-Ease Wedge Mule Sandal

Sabrina 1" Cork Platform

I love the ivory color of this Sabrina Wedge from Kork-Ease for Spring 2015. With the natural cork wedge that is wrapped around the Soft leather upper with a precious peep toe, crisscrossed vamp straps, and then to complete this trendy shoe the decorative stitching is complemented along the top of the shoe. Great go to everyday sandal.

All Over Leather Mule Sandal with Wedge


Also a mule sandal, but this model has an all over the shoe leather wrap. Comes in Natural, Black, Bronze, Golden Sand, Blue, Gold and Brown.

  • Approx. 114'' platform height
  • Approx. 234'' heel height
  • Beveled heel
  • Inclined forefoot
  • Leather lining

Kork Ease Spring Wedge Shoes

Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Natural Leather
Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Natural Leather

Kork Ease Spring 2012 Wedge Slide

Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Bronze
Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Bronze
Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Black
Kork-Ease Wedge Slde Lana in Black

Kork-Ease Shoes

Lana Wedge Slide

This wedge is a mule type slide. The suede covered wedge heel height measures Approx. 3¼'' and its cushioned leather covered footbed makes this shoe comfortable to wear all day. A rubber sole also adds to the comfort. But it is the trendy styled wedge that will make you fall in love with this wedge slide. Kork-Ease is as stylish as it was 30 years ago!

Lana Wedge Slide Colors

The Lana wedge is available in 3 must have colors. Choose from basic black, Spring 2012 must have nude color or go with everything bronze. If you are like me you will want all three!

Kork-Ease Ava Wedge

Women's Kork-Ease
Women's Kork-Ease

The Cork Wedge


3 inch platform Offered in Vachetta or metallic full-grain leather

Leather-lined footbed

Adjustable buckle


Kork-Ease Gabriela

The Cork Wedge

This go to wedge shoe from Korkease will look adorable with a Boyfriend or Skinny Jean. Cute with a spring dress too. Stud and ring embellishments update the goddess gladiator look we all love.The comfort and ease of this shoe is sure to make it one of your favorite 2012 spring shoes.

2012 Spring Shoes - Kork Ease Wedges


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    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 6 years ago from New York, NY

      Vintage at it's best! And the more you wear them the more you will live them!

    • tracy imevbore profile image

      tracy imevbore 6 years ago from england

      i love these shoes they are so comfortable. didn't realise they had such a history!


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