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Flashing LED T-Shirts Make You A Better Human

Updated on June 25, 2010

Do you crave attention from the wider public, but you're not sure how to get it without adding another misdemeanor to your record? There are several ways to get attention, you could buy a cellphone with tinny speakers then go on public transport and play rubbish music at high volume until someone snaps, or you could wear a flashing LED T-shirt that says 'Hey, look at me! I totally exist upon the planet and my clothing is far more technically advanced than yours is!'

Wearing an LED t-shirt marks you out as someone from the 'in' crowd. Someone who has harnessed the power of electricity and is comfortable wearing it against his or her skin. If you go out at night wearing such a t-shirt, you will no doubt quickly be surrounded by happy people with saucer wide eyes waving glow sticks and talking about universal togetherness.

These DIY LED t-shirts were made by someone who understands how to hook LED's up to a power source. Sweet! Her name is Leah Buechley and she is an Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences and Director, High-Low Tech Group, MIT Media Lab. Buechley has a PhD degree in computer science and a BA in physics. All this technology explains how she managed to make these t-shirts without harming anyone seriously.

If you are not quite as advanced as Leah and her MIT cohorts, you can still purchase LED t-shirts from a wide range of purveyors. Apple, for instance, gives you the opportunity to be a glowing walking advertisement for their multinational corporation with the apple t-shirt, which I think we all agree is very stylish, though it does raise the risk that you'll be mugged on suspicion of owning an iPhone.

Other LED tshirts are less overtly corporate and display a range of illuminated designs including sound levels, pumpkins, science fiction characters and of course, characters from video games. I think what I'm trying to say here is that LED tshirts are really starting to blur the line between man and merchandise, and how can that not be a good thing?

Embrace technology and the future of mankind, purchase an LED tshirt before everyone else you know does, thus demonstrating your superior hunter/gatherer skills. Because that's what it's all about at the end of the day, isn't it? Impressing the ladies with your ability to innovate and provide their offspring with things that glow in the dark.


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