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Updated on April 6, 2017


A lipstick that is meant to make you look absolutely fabulous in every way; a lipstick that has the perfect tone according to what you prefer; a lipstick that has a perfect balance, and is all-natural for a more healthy experience.

But where would you find such a perfect blend? Where would you find this all-natural lipstick that can also help regenerate new cells and repair damaged ones to leave you with sparkling lips that is assured to make men's jaws drop?

I'll tell you, the most perfect blend by far is Luscious Lipstick.

Luscious Lipstick

Luscious Lipstick is an all natural blend that is entirely vegan, made with Certified Organic Ingredients!

As written on the website: "Our new line of Lipsticks are Vegan and Gluten Free. Organic anti-oxidant rich Jojoba, Avocado & Coconut oils deeply nourish & moisture lips. Naturally derived Organic Butters (Mango, Cocoa & Capuacu) are soothing, hydrating & also have regenerative properties to help heal dry lips & improve elasticity. Preservative-free formula."

I personally think this lipstick is a game changer. Finding a rare lipstick that is organic and vegan is nearly impossible trying to find in the stores.

However, with a bit of research online, you can find anything online. I was so lucky to find this lipstick, and in 7 variants! No one would have to feel left out if their prefered variant isn't included.

This one of a kind lipstick will leave you looking fabulous in every way imaginable. It's hard enough to find the right type of lipstick for you let alone finding healthy organic lipstick that is made all-naturally. This is an absolute jackpot that you will never find in the stores. Compare this product to anything you'll find that is produced non-organically and see the difference! You'll never receive better than LUSCIOUS LIPSTICK.

Because of the good qualities, it being organic and all-natural, I rate this product 5 stars.

See more information here:

5 stars for Luscious Lipstick


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