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LUSH Inspired Lip Routine

Updated on November 5, 2013

Importance Of Healthy Lips

Everyone has suffered through the misery of chapped, dry, and painful lips. Your lips can determine the state of your health. For the example, the color of your lips can signal deficiencies in your health if your lips aren't a healthy red color. Medically and cosmetically, the image of chapped lips isn't a pleasant condition. Cosmetically, healthy lips make the best, beautiful, and flawlessly smooth canvas.

Chapped lips indicate a lack of moisture. The natural oils in your lips need to be replenished in order to cure, soften, and retain moisture. Just as the old skin on your body needs to be exfoliated to make way for new skin, the skin of your lips also needs the same treatment.

So here is a surefire way to protect and maintain healthy lips! Follow these steps and your lips will be ready for anything -- lipstick, winter, summer, crazy weather, and even crazy kisses.

What You Will Need:

  • LUSH's Lip Scrub (any flavor)
  • LUSH's "Lip Service" Lip Balm
  • LUSH's Lip Tint (optional)

LUSH's Lip Scrub

On their website, they have the following lip scrubs: Bubblegum, Popcorn, Mint Julips, and Santa's Lip Scrub(seasonal).
On their website, they have the following lip scrubs: Bubblegum, Popcorn, Mint Julips, and Santa's Lip Scrub(seasonal).


Taken From LUSH's Website (for "Bubblegum" Lip Scrub):

Castor Sugar, Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Methyl Ionone, Flavor, Polyester-3, D&C Red No. 28, D&C Red No. 21

Check out the other lip scrubs individually. They have different ingredients in them.

LUSH's "Lip Service" Lip Balm


Taken from LUSH's website:

Fair Trade Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca), Glycerine, Beeswax (Cera alba), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata), Flavor, *Limonene, *Linalool

My LUSH Inspired Lip Routine

It is an easy 2-step process with optional Step 3.

  • Step 1 - Exfoliate
  • Step 2 - Soften
  • Step 3 - Apply Color (optional)

So how does this work?

Step 1 - Exfoliate

  • Open your choice of LUSH's lip scrub
  • Gently dip finger and scoop a dab out of the container
  • Smooth it across your lips
  • Brush/Scrub gently in circles over the skin of your lips
  • Lick the sugary substance from your lips (Yes, it is edible!)

Step 2 - Soften

  • Open lid of LUSH's "Lip Service" Lip Balm
  • Press a nail into the hardened, waxy balm
  • Slightly dig and scrap up balm
  • Carefully apply waxy balm on your lips
  • Rub balm over your lips until the chunks disappear

Step 3 - Apply Color

  • Apply your favorite lip gloss, lipstick, OR LUSH's lip tint (see below my experiment with LUSH's "A Million Kisses" lip tint)

Why Should YOU Choose LUSH?

LUSH is an amazing store that makes fresh handmade products. This company has an incredible ethical approach in how they run their business and what they stand for. They believe in ethical buying, making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics*, and no animal cruelty. They stand for much more and they explain it all in their "Our Story" section. Explore what they stand for and what they make! The only way to get familiar with a company and their products is to do some research.

*Taken from LUSH's website

My Experience With LUSH

I used to pass this store in the mall and be mildly curious about it. However, my curiosity was never captured enough to go in and look at it. Considering what LUSH stands for and the fact it's products are fresh, handmade, 100% vegetarian, and cruelty-free, I'm surprised I hadn't set foot earlier. Within the last month, I have been gracing my local LUSH store with my presence (even the friendly employees recognize me now).

The gentleman that showed me around the store on my first visit broke me down with demonstrations of products. He sold me on a seasonal facial cleanser "Let The Good Times Roll" with a hands-on demonstration with the product that left the skin on the back of my hand smooth. I looked up my boyfriend in surprise and made him feel my skin. From there, I became an adoring believer.

The products are pricey, but I would kindly like to point out that shopping at Sephora is just as pricey. The products at LUSH are made by hand with high-quality, FRESH, vegetarian, and safe ingredients. If you look at the back of every product, they will show you who made it, when it was made, and when it expires. The products will actually last long if you use it as directed.

My Experience With LUSH's "Bubblegum" Lip Scrub

I've honestly never heard of a lip scrub until I saw these cute little containers by the cash register next to the lip balms and lip tints. Of course now that I've had the time to look up lip scrubs on the internet, I find that a lot of companies offer lip scrubs (and they are fairly easy to make). I picked up this lip scrub with the "Let The Good Times Roll" facial cleanser as my first LUSH purchases ever. I didn't try the lip scrub at the store, but I tried it when I got home.

The only tricky part (which I believe is the same for every lip scrub) is that the sugary mixture can be hard to apply to your lips without losing some of the mixture along the way. I found that if you lick your lips before, the sugary mixture will stay. The flavor was indeed bubblegum (BONUS!) AND it is deliciously edible (EVEN BIGGER BONUS!). Anyways, I scrubbed the old skin off my lips. It beats scrubbing vigorously with a towel and it's a tasty treat.

My Experience With LUSH's "Lip Service" Lip Balm

This product blew my mind. I've always had a problem with dry, chapped, and painful lips. It's not something I'm proud of and I'm certain the peeling and cracks looked positively disgusting. I looked on LUSH's website and other websites for reviews on the product. When I decided to give it a try, I was completely in awe with the results. At the times, my lips were painfully in bad shape -- deep cracks, bleeding, and raw. The lip balm isn't easy to come out, you need to scrap off a chunk with your fingernail (a little goes a long way!). You carefully need to smooth the chunk you chiseled off with your fingernail and rub the chunk into your lips. It will take some time for the wax-like consistency to soften and smooth over your skin.

I had immediately tried this product after I purchased it at my local LUSH at the mall. My boyfriend and I had sat down for lunch. I had applied the lip balm and I was floored how quickly this product worked. It took only minutes to soothe my aching lips and I could definitely feel a difference. Believe me, I've tried ALL the brands, but this product I would say is a miracle worker. It did what the others couldn't do.

The Incredible Duo

My morning routine, nightly routine, and during the day routine consists of these two products in the quick and easy 2 step process. Scrub your lips with the lip scrub to smooth out all the kinks and slather on the lip balm to soften up them up. Since the lip balm has a matte finish, it is the perfect primer for your lips if you would to add some color.

My "Step Three"

LUSH'S "A Million Kisses" Lip Tint On Me

Click thumbnail to view full-size

LUSH offers a variety of colors with their lip tints. I picked this color as my first lip tint purchase. This lip tint is amazing. You can just put a light dab and swipe it across your lips to create a simple but casual look OR you can slather it on for a dramatic, "out-for-the-night" look.

It is easy to apply due to it's creamy consistency. However, it does come off. So if you're looking for no lipstick on the rim of your glass... this is not for you. It offers a silky smooth and even coverage over lips. It definitely pairs nicely with Step 1 and Step 2 (if you're willing to go for the entire LUSH lip routine).

So I'm Ready For Lipstick, Winter, Summer, Crazy Weather, And Even Crazy Kisses...

But are you? Give this LUSH inspired routine a try, if you don't like it, there are plenty of companies that make lip scrubs (maybe you can make your own!) and lip balms. Find your favorites and apply these steps, because in THREE steps, you'll be ready for anything!


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